This Saturday is what's called "Championship Saturday" because all the conference championship games are played. Before we get to that though the new Top 25 teams have been revealed and the top four teams continue to shift. Auburn beat Alabama in the Iron Bowl this past weekend, so there's a new number 1 team but how far did Bama fall? Is Wisconsin finally going to be recognized as one of the best teams in the county? Let's get to the list!

Top 25 teams

  • 25 - Fresno State
  • 24 - NC State
  • 23 - Mississippi State
  • 22 - Virginia Tech
  • 21 - Northwestern
  • 20 - Memphis
  • 19 - Oklahoma State
  • 18 - Washington State
  • 17 - LSU
  • 16 - Michigan State
  • 15 - Notre Dame
  • 14 - UCF
  • 13 - Washington
  • 12 - Stanford
  • 11 - TCU
  • 10 - USC
  • 9 - Penn State
  • 8 - Ohio State
  • 7 - Miami
  • 6 - Georgia
  • 5 - Alabama
  • 4 - Wisconsin
  • 3 - Oklahoma
  • 2 - Auburn
  • 1 - Clemson

Seeing Clemson jump from No.

3 to No. 1 isn't a big surprise since Miami Lost to Pittsburgh this past weekend. The big surprise is seeing Alabama drop from No. 1 all the way down to No. 5 and currently out of the playoffs. Every team in the top 4 plays in a championship game this Saturday though, so this is by no means a final list.

Championship Saturday

There are around ten teams still in contention for a playoff spot before going into this final weekend of play. The SEC Championship is going to be No. 2 Auburn against No. 6 Georgia and, more than likely, the winner of this game is in the playoffs and the loser is out. The ACC Championship game is No. 1 Clemson against No. 7 Miami with basically the same scenario. The Big 10 Championship game is No.

4 Wisconsin against No. 8 Ohio State, and this is where things aren't so clear-cut. If Wisconsin wins then, they will be 13-0 and will be in. If Ohio State wins, that throws things off.

Because they will have two losses with one of those being a 55-24 blow out at Iowa. Would the playoff committee put in a two-loss Big 10 champ over a one-loss Alabama team with their only loss being against No.

2 Auburn, which is probably the most excusable loss of any team in the county? Finally, there is the Big 12 Championship that will have No. 3 Oklahoma against No. 11 TCU. If Oklahoma wins then they are in but if TCU pulls off an upset would the committee move up TCU all the way to No. 4? More than likely a TCU win would give a team like Alabama a path to getting back in the top 4 and a possible Iron Bowl rematch for a National Championship.

There are also teams like No.10 USC who will play in the PAC 10 Championship game against No. 12 Stanford and if USC wins and others lose they may have a long shot at making the top 4. USC has looked great the past few weeks and that kind of stuff matters to the committee. This Championship Saturday might end up being one of the craziest ones we've had in a while. If all the favorites win then the current list probably won't change but if Wisconsin losses then chaos could ensue!