Bungie posted a blog on their website called "The State of Destiny 2, " and it gives a timeline of updates/changes being made to the game starting December 5th and going into 2018. "The Curse of Osiris" DLC comes out on the 5th, but other major updates are being made in the weeks to follow. It also went into the controversy that has been happening with the XP in the recent weeks. In this article, we'll focus on the updates coming to the game December 12Th and the XP gains controversy. So let's get the updates.

December 12th updates

The big change to weapons coming with the December 12th update will be Masterwork weapons.

Legendary weapons will have Masterwork versions start dropping, and some current weapons will just automatically update to be them. Masterwork versions of weapons are technically the same weapon, but they just have a few things that make them unique. Here are a few things you need to know about them:

  • Getting multi-kills with one will produce orbs
  • You can track/display the number of kills you have with the weapon. You can do total kills or just limit it to Crucible kills.
  • A random stat bonus will be on each weapon and you can re-roll it to get one you want
  • Your character needs to be 250 Power to get them. So basically just beat the campaign, and you're good
  • If you dismantle a Masterwork gun, then you get material to upgrade a Legendary weapon to a Masterworks gun
  • Trials of the Nine and Raid weapons will almost always be Masterwork guns

This will give reasons to own multiple versions of the same gun and give reasons to grind out content unlike now since once you get a gun then you pretty much just have it.

Faction/Vendor changes

Along with weapon changes, the Factions/vendors are going to have some major changes as well. The only way to get armor and weapons from Factions in the current game is to turn in engrams. You will still do that after the update, but all the armor will be available to buy straight up with Legendary Shards and Faction Tokens.

The weapons will be the same, but they will be on a weekly rotation instead of having them all available to buy. There is a bit of a catch with this though. You have to turn in tokens and claim reward engrams in order to open up the option to buy the armor and whatever weapon is available that week. So it works a bit like the old Iron Banner used to.

This will apply to all factions including Iron Banner when it returns.

Xur will also have some changes. He will start seeing Three of Coins again like he did in "Destiny 1". Three of Coins boots the change of getting Exotic drops for 4 hours. He will also sell what is being called a Fated Engram. It will be expensive but will decrypt into an exotic that you do not own.

Lord Shaxx and Commander Zavala will have Gift consumables you can buy with Legendary Shards to give you a boost to rewards when completing activities and Crucible matches. Kind of like the Faction boosters that were in "Destiny 1". You will also only be given an indicator to visit a Faction Vendor when you have enough tokens to earn an engram.

XP gains

The end of this Blog Post goes into the XP controversy that happened last week, and they explained. What happened was that people found out that you needed to get 160,000 XP to be able to get a Bright Engram and people flipped. They said that they wanted to keep the game a grind but understood that was too much and that's why they shut down the double XP event they had going. They said that the 300% well-rested bonus will still apply like it always has, but they are working to resolve these issues and will have more to say about this in the future.

The Masterwork weapons are something that "Destiny 2" desperately needs and seeing that it's coming is very exciting and could get people to stay with the game well beyond finishing the "Curse of Osiris" content.

The changes to Xur and the Factions is also very smart and getting back to things that worked in the original "Destiny." Once all these changes are in play, then D2 will be back to being one of the most played games going into 2018.