Reinhardt is arguably the best "Overwatch" tank. His huge shield is capable of sustaining massive damage and protecting multiple teammates at the same time. While the German tank hero doesn't have a big damage potential, such as Zarya, he excels at protecting his teammates and saving them from lethal attacks.

In this article, you can read one Reinhardt tip against every other "Overwatch" hero. If you prefer watching these tips instead of reading them, you can watch the video by KarQ and Cloneman16 below. One general tip is to use Firestrike ability shortly after swinging the hammer.

This way, you can do 175 damage instead of 150 damage that you'd get from two hammer swings.

Offense heroes

Reinhardt is capable of neutralizing Doomfist's ultimate ability with his shield, so keep that in mind and raise the shield when the opposing hero uses Meteor Strike. However, make sure you are not in the middle of it as you will take the damage. Although using Earthshatter is not advised for a single target, feel free to use it against Genji and his ultimate ability.

Avoid getting hit by McCree's Flashbang by flicking your shield. When fighting against Pharah, make sure you block her rockets with your shield and use Firestrike every once in a while. Try to stay away from Reaper, but if you do engage in a fight with him, make sure you swing and disengage your shield then try to jump to create some distance.

When he reloads, it is your time to strike and take him down!

Keep the distance between yourself and Soldier: 76, but use Firestrike and the hammer if he gets too close. Turn around if Sombra is hacking you as your shield is capable of preventing the hack. Also, put your shield down when she has her ultimate ability to avoid her hacking it.

If Tracer sticks her bomb on your shield, flick the shield down to drop the bomb on the floor, then put it back up to block the damage.

Defense heroes

When fighting against Bastion, try to get close to him and pin him to the wall. Since Bastion is capable of dealing massive damage to Reinhardt's shield, this is best done if D.Va activates her Defense Matrix or if you get a bubble from Zarya.

Hanzo's Sonic Arrow can get stuck in Reinhardt's shield, so make sure you move it to a useless place. It can still deal damage though, so be careful where you move it.

Reinhardt's Firestrike can eliminate Junkrat's RIP-Tire, but if it doesn't, turn around quickly and try to block its damage with his shield. Try to stay away from Mei, but if you get into a fight, swing a hammer and step back to unfreeze. If she gets too close, you can keep swinging your hammer and take her down.

Charging into Torbjorn's turret will deal 175 damage and prevent it from shooting for 2 seconds. Using Earthshatter on it, however, will deal only 50 damage, but it will stop it for 3 seconds. Block Windowmaker's damage and try to hit her with Firestrike when it's off cooldown.

However, keep in mind that protecting your teammates is a priority, so don't let one of them die.

Tank heroes

Throw a Firestrike at D.Va when she gets out of her mech and make sure you block her ultimate ability with your shield. When Orisa uses her Supercharger, use Firestrike and the hammer to quickly destroy it. When fighting another Reinhardt, don't let him wipe your team with Earthshatter. Also, if he charges into you, try to charge back so he doesn't pin you to the wall.

You don't need to absorb Roadhog's ultimate ability damage with your shield. Put it down, let it damage you for a bit, then put the shield back up. Don't pay much attention to Winston unless he gets too close, then you can use your charge to pin him and damage him.

Throw your Firestrike above Zarya to bait her into using her bubble, then charge her into the wall.

Support heroes

Fake a hammer swing when fighting against Ana to make her use her sleep dart which you can block with your shield. You can prevent Lucio from giving the barrier to his teammates by putting your shield in his line of sight. Try to charge into Mercy when she flies down to resurrect her teammate.

As for Symmetra, get close to her and take her down with the hammer while she's shooting her beam at you. Make sure you also put your shield up to block the damage from her turrets. As for Zenyatta, you can charge into him while he is using Transcendence, especially during Zarya's ultimate ability. This will separate him from his teammates, allowing your team to strike them down.