Everybody needs a role model. Whether they are a real person or a fictional character, the symbolism they bring is essential for our development. Video Games have their fair share of Role Models that not only inspire gamers to become heroes in the game world but also in the real world.

Unfortunately, not every virtual role model can have a positive effect on players. In fact, there are a select few who are downright fiends despite their seemingly positive roles. Here are the Top 5 Worst Role Models in video games.

(WARNING: Spoilers ahead):

5. Ratchet (Ratchet & Clank series)

At first glance, the hero Ratchet from "Ratchet & Clank" seems like a good role model. But he's not, To clarify, let's start with the obvious reason: an obsession with guns. Ratchet is an extraterrestrial mechanic who after meeting the robot Clank, is set on an outer space quest to save the universe from destruction. To accomplish this, Ratchet acquires an arsenal of hi-tech guns and transforms himself into a one alien army.

In fact, the whole premise of the video game is to have Ratchet stock up on these alien firearms so he can wage war with every enemy on every planet he comes across. But that's not the only problem with Ratchet: he is also guilty of aiding and embedding a fugitive who happens to be his very own partner, Clank.

Although Ratchet's intentions are in fact pure, his methods of achieving them make him a bad fit for a role model.

4. Zidane Tribal (Final Fantasy IX)

What kind of role model also happens to be a thief who abducts and seduces princesses for a living? Zidane, the main protagonist of "Final Fantasy IX" is a prime example. However, he doesn't completely come off as a terrible role model.

To be honest, Zidane does what he must for a good reason: he steals Princess Garnet XVII away from her kingdom of Alexandria for her uncle in order to protect her from her own mother and queen who is actually an evil ruler. Naturally, Zidane's heart merely falls prey to the beautiful princess he just saved and forms a relationship throughout the video game.

It doesn't change the fact that, before Zidane was engaging in princess rescue missions, he was terrorizing the higher class with burglaries. He's even proven himself worthy of being a villain in framing a security guard during one of his heists--though Amarant inadvertently joins his ranks alongside the princess and her loyal knight--later on. Hence, Zidane is no role model.

3. Lara Croft (Tomb Raider series)

Out of all of the worst role models on this list, "Tomb Raider's" heroine Lara Croft has the most obvious flaw; her sex symbolism. It so happens that one of the oldest tricks in the game developer handbook is to use sex appeal in the design of characters, especially heroines, to draw potential consumers towards video games.

And Lara is no exception. In fact, she stands among the most popular video game sex symbols in history.

However, while Ms. Croft is indeed a highly flawed role model, she is also among those characters who aren't at fault for it. It's just the way her creators have chosen to design her and the natural responses from players that are the causes for concern. Although Lara pushed the envelope further with her controversial tour of duty while wearing only a bathrobe in the past, the circumstances to that incident are remarkably justifiable, and nothing like that has ever happened again.

Still, Lara Croft remains a sex symbol to this day--a fact that ruined her chance at ever being a good role model for many.

2. Max Payne (Max Payne series)

Similar to Lara Croft, Max Payne, from the video game that bears his name, is not completely at fault for who he is. A hardened cop who lost his wife and child to a bloody home invasion, Mr. Payne just became harder.

Throughout the series, Max mercilessly mows down every mobster, drug dealer, mercenary, and assassin connected to the capers he is investigating. And with the feature called "Bullet Time," his acts can be rendered in slow motion for more shock value, similar to a shootout scene in a John Woo film.

That's not all that's wrong with Max. The man has some serious substance abuse issues ranging from alcoholism to pain-killer addiction, though the latter can be justified by the fact that the pills are used to replenish Max's health whenever he takes too much lead during heated exchanges.

Regardless, Max shouldn't be serving up speeches during any graduation ceremonies at his police academy. We need an actual role model for that.

1. Mario (Super Mario Bros series)

Confused? Don't be. Nintendo's mascot is, in fact, the worst role model in the world. But how could this be?

True, Mario is the definition of a classic video game hero; he alongside his brother Luigi, and other allies have risked life and limb to rescue the Princess Peach Toadstool, from the evil clutches of Bowser, countless times. So why is he not good enough? Here's the truth: Mario is a sociopath! This can be proven by the fact that he expresses two characteristics of the 'MacDonald Triad.'

The first characteristic is "zoosadism." To clarify, let's ignore the fact that Bowser's minions exist to thwart the plumber's path through each world.

These creatures may seem bad and the plumber's disregard for their lives justifiable, but the confrontations are in fact completely avoidable. However, in the world of Mario, killing these creatures is optional, but encouraged.

Then there's the second characteristic called "fire setting." Yes, Mario is also guilty of abusing the Fire Flower power-up to light enemies on fire, though actual burning is never shown visually in any Mario game.

Of course, fans of Mario are quick to point out the fact that the third characteristic of "bed-wetting during childhood" is absent from the evidence. However, Mario's childhood mishaps aren't considered implausible. Just a little vague. That and the fact that he expresses the other two qualities without conscience is most disturbing-- if not incriminating--to know.

Hence, the evidence makes Mario look like the worst candidate for a role model.