"Fortnite" has gained a lot of popularity over the last few weeks, especially after Battle Royale mode was released. Epic Games, "Fornite" developer, needed just over a month to get 20 million players to play this video game, and it appears that the number of players is still rapidly growing. Fortnitemares event brought many amazing things to the game, but the developer keeps working hard to keep the game updated every single week.

The most recent "Fortnite" Battle Royale update brought a few adjustments to in-game weapons and the map, along with a launch pad.

While this update is amazing, Epic Games will keep adding new content, and next week, we will get a brand new weapon to Battle Royale! Yes, you read that right. "Fortnite" players will get a new gun which will be different from any other gun in the game.

New Battle Royale weapon

Next week's update will bring a new gun that will be unique. This gun will have a silencer, which means that it will be a great weapon for the players who love to be stealthy. Even though it will be a submachine gun, it will be a useful tool for anyone who is looking to avoid unnecessary attention from enemies.

"Take down enemies quickly and silently from close-medium range with the new Silenced SMG, dropping into Battle Royale next week!" is an in-game description of the new "Fortnite" weapon.

This gun should be decent, especially when combined with a legendary bush potion. It will allow players to move silently while also eliminating their enemies without making any noise. This sounds like a deadly combination, which means that players will have to be even more careful of their surroundings.

The game developer hasn't revealed any details about the new gun yet.

However, "Fortnite" Battle Royale players will get more details shortly before the gun is released.

Launch pad is amazing!

While "Fortnite" players are eagerly waiting for the new weapon to be added to the video game, they are having a lot of fun with a launch pad. Epic Games added a launch pad as a new trap in the November 14 update, allowing players to deploy their gliders mid-match and surprise their enemies with an aerial assault.

With all these new additions to Battle Royale mode, players have to be on the lookout for any signs of their enemies. With portable bushes, deadly weapons, and mid-match gliders, "Fornite" players have numerous options when it comes to planning their attacks.