Blizzard is working on yet another "Overwatch" update and it is currently being tested on a Public Test Realm. Tom Powers, Blizzard's community manager, shared the details of the latest update on the official forums of the video game. According to him, the game developer is testing a few changes on the PTR, and these changes include a few bug fixes that bothered "Overwatch" players.

However, the latest patch on the PTR will also include a change to Hanzo's Casual Skin. Blizzard listened to the feedback of players and decided to make a few necessary changes to the in-game hero.

The skin was added at the Winter Wonderland 2017 event, and even though "Overwatch" players were excited about it, the skin was rather disappointing and players wanted the game developer to change it.

Hanzo's skin changes

Blizzard has done a fantastic job with "Overwatch" comics, and many players love reading them. These comics provide backstory for many in-game heroes and are an important piece of "Overwatch" lore. The 10th comic was called "Reflections" and it was about Tracer.

Players learned a lot about the British hero, including her sexual orientation. While the comic was centered around Tracer, many other "Overwatch" heroes made an appearance, including Hanzo. The hero appeared once in the comic, on the 10th page, and fans loved it because he wore different clothes that were later turned into a new skin.

Jeff Kaplan teased "Overwatch" players with a new legendary skin for Hanzo, but when it was released, players were disappointed. The skin was supposed to make Hanzo look the way he looked in the comic, but it failed to do it. The skin has a gray beard and the nose piercing looks too big. In addition, his pants were low and made it seem like he has really long legs.

As you can see in the image above, Hanzo's hair color will be changed and he will have a slightly different hairstyle. Also, Blizzard addressed the issue with the piece and pants, and they will look much better in the updated version. It is important to note that the skin won't be released by January, but if you acquire it in the meantime, it will be updated when the patch goes live.

Bug fixes

The patch will fix an issue that caused weapon accuracy stats to be incorrectly displayed. This would happen in post-game stats, players' career profiles, the match stats screen etc. Another bug that was fixed is the bug that prevents players from leaving or entering the spawn area on Control maps.

In addition, weapon accuracy will no longer be decreased or increased while shooting at Genji's Deflect or other abilities that block projectiles. This includes Winston's barrier, Mei's wall, and others.