"Overwatch" is one of the most popular video games today and its community consists of over 35 million players. This objective-based game is very interesting and competitive and a lot of people love to either play it or just watch someone else do it. Some players are simply in love with the game and every aspect of it, including skins that can make some big changes to the in-game heroes.

This fall, "Overwatch" fans and players will have a chance to grab "The Art of Overwatch," a book that has over 300 pages of illustrations and Concept Art related to the popular video game.

These are the illustrations Blizzard used while developing "Overwatch," and fans got a sneak peek at it. Apparently, many of them are amazed by it, and one thing that especially captured their attention is the alternate Mercy concept art.

The alternate Mercy

In "Overwatch," Mercy is Angela Zielger and she's a Swiss medic whose role is to restore allies' health. Mercy can be easily recognized as she has a blonde hair, wings and a halo. However, the book reveals that Mercy wasn't a female originally. Surprisingly, she was a buff guy who wore a similar armor. He had wings and a Caduceus staff as well.

As you can see from the image above, Mercy looked much different than she looks now. While the armor and gear look similar, it's obvious that the hero wouldn't be Angela Zielger but rather someone else.

A lot of posts with this concept went viral, which is another proof of how much the community loves it.

Some "Overwatch" fans even made some artwork of their own, drawing the alternate Mercy and sharing their work with the rest of the community. At the end, it seems that whether Mercy is Angela or someone else, she is one of the fan favorites.

Other concept art

Mercy's alternate concept art wasn't the only thing that was leaked from the book. There were a few more leaked pages, and they show other heroes and their illustrations.

"Overwatch" players also had a chance to see a few illustrations of Mei.

As you can see from the image below, the Chinese hero also looked much different than her current version. Just like it was the case with Mercy, her gear looks very similar to the in-game hero, but the person wearing that gear looks different.

There was another support hero that had a concept art leaked. It was Zenyatta, who recently got an amazing skin for Halloween Terror 2017. Once again, it looks very similar to the current character in "Overwatch."