If you have played the Leviathan Raid in "Destiny 2" then you are familiar with the damage phase of the final boss Emperor Calus. You have to stand on 4 different plates in the room in order to do damage to him and having a few Warlocks lay down an Empowering Rift can help things out. Empowering Rifts cause anyone standing in it to deal up to 30% more damage. YouTuber/Twitch streamer ShadowRock9 has found a way for a single Warlock to always be able to put down a rift on each plate.

How does this work?

You are going to need to run a specific sub-class and have a specific exotic chest piece.

That exotic chest piece is called the Starfire Protocol. Using this chest piece will give you an extra Fusion Grenade and getting a kill with a Fusion Grenade will restore all of your Rift energy. So basically you get a grenade kill and you can use your Rift again.

The next thing you'll need to do is make sure that you have Fusion Grenades as your active grenades and that you're running Attunement of Sky on the skills tree. The reason you need to run that is for the ability called Heat Rises. Heat Rises recharges all your abilities when activating your super. So all you have to do is have your super up and everything gets refilled and that's going to come into play during the boss fight.

How the fight needs to go down

Ok so here is how to use all of these things in order to get 4 Rifts down during the fight. When you get on the first plate just drop your Rift like you normally would in a normal fight. Once the plate expires then you'll want to find one of the adds(more than likely one of the dog enemies) and kill it with a Fusion Grenade.

Killing that enemy will refill your Rift and you can use that one on the second plate. After the second plate expires then just do the same thing with finding a dog and kill it with a Fusion Grenade and get your Rift back to use on the third plate. Once on the third plate, you'll want to active your super and this is where the Heat Rises perk comes into play.

It will refill all your abilities so you'll have a Rift to use on the fourth and final plate.

Doing all of that and killing Calus in a single phase should be easier. It is possible to kill Calus in a single phase without doing this but using this method only requires using one Warlock in case your raid team only has one or you play Guided Games with some randoms. If you want to get nuts and try running this strategy with multiple Warlocks then it may be possible to kill him before getting to the fourth plate. This will definitely be something people will be messing around with within the coming weeks especially since the PC version is still new to a lot of PC gamers. If you play the raid this weekend give it try and see how fast you can beat Calus.