Last month controversy rocked the "Destiny 2" community when Bungie declared team Redeem as World's First for the prestige Leviathan Raid. Team Redeem reportedly used a known Glitch at the time called coil glitching which supplied players with unlimited ammo. Many thought team Redeem should not be named World's First for the use of the glitch; however, Bungie reviewed the gameplay and still declared team Redeem winners. Since then, a new glitch has been discovered and is being exploited by players.

New Wardcliff Coil glitch

The Wardcliff Coil is an exotic Rocket Launcher that is obtained through exotic engrams or drops.

The rocket launcher is extremely powerful; however, it expends all its ammo in one shot, his allowing players to only have a 1 for their ammo count at any given time.

The previous glitch allowed players to have a 2 in the ammo count, which is how team Redeem won the prestige Leviathan Raid. However, this new glitch is considerably better than that.

The new glitch allows players to have unlimited ammo for the Wardcliff Coil rocket launcher by exploiting the glitch.

By accessing the settings screen within the game, mapping hold crouch, and place a Titan barricade. Once that is accomplished simply spam hold crouch and continuously fire the Wardcliff Coil rocket launcher into the air. The ammo count will continue to increase.

Youtube user, Indica, posted a video Saturday demonstrating the glitch and how to exploit it.

Implications of the glitch

Indica posted a link to his video within the "Destiny" subreddit community with the plea to only use the glitch for PvE only, not to ruin trials.

However, as history has shown us with the first Destiny game, and all video games in general, glitches or cheats are rarely, if ever, used for the sole purpose of having fun without ruining the fun of others.

There is no doubt this glitch will be used by various players in the trials, and may even be exploited during the next raid.

This could result, in not only, another split of the "Destiny" community with some believing glitch exploiters are nothing more than cheaters and should be banned, while others believe exploiting of glitches is perfectly fine; Bungie could also cancel trials for several weeks again while they develop a patch to fix the glitch.

Let us know how you feel about the glitch, and whether exploiting any glitch is cheating, in the comments section below.