Studio Wildcard went on a bit of a hiatus these past few weeks after last month's TwitchCon. The developer is back once again to give its community an update about "ARK: Survival Evolved" including its bogged down expansion - "Aberration." This is news that has certainly been welcomed by fans of the game.

The Cave Crustacean

Wildcard has just teased another creature that is included in the upcoming "Aberration" DLC. However, quite a number of fans may already have an idea on what the new dossier is.

Just like previous dossiers, the image was shredded to hide the creature's notable features.

Nevertheless, fans believe that this is the Cave Crustacean that was showcased during the "Aberration" announcement back in September.

Still happening this year

Meanwhile, Wildcard still has yet to roll out a definite release date for "ARK's" "Aberration" DLC. The developer pointed out, though, that their team is making incredible progress, adding that a release date will be out soon. They even stated that "everyone will be able to visit and enjoy the world of 'Aberration' before 2017 is out." That being said, faithful fans were given the impression that the expansion could be out in December since November is almost halfway done.

Xbox One news

On Monday (Nov. 6), Wildcard officially launched "ARK" on the Xbox One X as it featured improved graphics (HDR, True Sky, and Detail Mode).

They also provided updates about the game's Crossplay and Xbox Play Anywhere features.

Per the latest blog post, the game maker revealed that they are as of late in the final stages of testing "ARK's" Windows 10 version. According to Wildcard, this update is expected to go live sometime in December. Just like the game's console variant, this will undergo certification which is a "multi-week approval process."

"ARK" players on Xbox One are pretty much aware, by now, of the rentable server update that got cleared from cert and was rolled out on Monday.

Wildcard stated that they will be working on it over that weekend and will give their player base a heads up when their process is done. They added that it will include all PvE legacy servers on all platforms.

To Switch or not to Switch

In other "ARK" news, the fandom has been mulling for quite a while now as to whether the survival game would also invade Nintendo's Switch console or not.

Wildcard's Co-Creative Director Jesse Rapczak talked about it, as relayed by a blog post from Survive The Ark.

Rapczak said in an interview that the possibility of "ARK" being playable on Switch "isn't that far-fetched." However, he added that there are no plans of getting the game ported and went on saying that there is "a lot of work" that needs to be done. He further explained that with the number of expansion pack down the pipeline, the Switch idea is not yet on their priority list. Check out a video about "ARK: Survival Evolved" below.