Destiny 2’sleviathan raid battle is now available for players. The dungeon contains a lot of different challenges and fights that will definitely take them to the edge of their seats. Here is a quick walkthrough on how to get conquer Leviathan.

First thing players need to know is how to access the Raid battle. Leviathan can be unlocked after defeating a series of quests called “On the Comms” which will only be available randomly after spending some time executing Cabal. After this, you will get another quest called “Destroyer of Worlds” which will now ask you to finish the Leviathan Raid Battle.

Leviathan Castellum 1, 2, the Royal Pools and Pleasure Gardens

Players will start their adventure on the embankment. There will be a lot of enemies in this area, the players can either run past them or shoot depending on their choice. If you want to proceed to the next area, you can go directly up the slope to reach the door.

After entering the Castellum, players will be given the objective of defending and attaining three Standard. In order to clear this quest, it is suggested that the teams should separate in two; one for retrieving stolen standard, and one group to defeat the area. Take note that in this objective, the trial will restart if a Cabal gets too close to the center point. Make sure to properly defend the area at all cost.

After successfully returning the Standard, a door will appear with the first rewards of the Raid.

The next area contains 5 pressure plates. In order to clear this out, have four of your teammates standing on the four plates on the sides. Make sure they maintain the position to slowly reveal the nine lanterns that need to be demolished.

However doing so will make enemies appear, making the challenge difficult. Players should keep on re-activating the plates until all the lanterns are destroyed. Successfully accomplishing the challenge will give players another handsome reward.

Leviathan Castellum II will be the same as the first one. Just utilize the same strategy and you'll get through without a hitch.

The Pleasure Gardens will be more difficult than the previous challenges. Assign two of your teammates to storm the light beams and pick up the orbs. After doing so, an opening should appear beneath the golden statue. Have your remaining teammates to hold the pollen and lead them to a flower. Make sure to defend from Warhounds to avoid starting again.

Castellum 3 and The Gauntlet

Leviathan Castellum 3 will have you utilize the same strategy, so clearing this out should be easy.

The next trial is called The Gauntlet. The challenge starts after the players jump into the round platforms. This action will immediately trigger the enemies and they will start to appear. Players must immediately destroy them for the meters to fill up. Once the meters fill up, two orbs will appear. Assign two of your teammates to get them and transport the items inside the tunnel.