The first DLC for "Destiny 2" is set to come out on December 5 and will be called "Curse of Osiris." PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X players will also be getting an update that day for 4K and HDR. It sounds awesome so far, but what about the second DLC? Well a Reddit user, Acer1096xxx, may have found some leaks as to what it is and what it may be about. If this leak ends up being true then, the second DLC is going to be very much like "The Taken King" as far as content.

What's the second DLC

It will mainly focus on Rasputin "The AI Warmind." He was a part of "Destiny 1" but we didn't get a ton of information on him outside of a few missions.

It's rumored to be called "The Tyrant's Crypt" and will be larger than the first DLC. A second Faction War might be on the horizon and Lord Saladin knows a way to prevent it. He sends you to a place called The Manhattan Nuclear Zone to find the Warmind Caedmon and find out what actually happened to cause to collapse. The Manhattan Nuclear Zone will be the new Patrol Zone and will be a collapsed Manhattan with fallen buildings. It will also have underground caverns and be one of the unique patrol zones. It will apparently be on Io and added to that Patrol Zone like The Plaguelands in "Rise Of Iron." Asimov Test Site will be a new area in the Manhattan Nuclear Zone and will have a new arena in the same vein as Prison of Elders and it will be called Charlemagne's Labyrinth.

New enemies and activities

Boyar is going to be the new enemy type and they are basically the Warmind's defenses. The enemy types will be Splicer Fallen, SIVA, Frames, and Vitrel. Vitrel is basically a fluid metal that is given shape by an electromagnet. If Splicers and SIVA are going to make a return in "D2," then that could be interesting since it seemed like their story was done after "Rise of Iron."

In addition to the new enemies, there are a lot of new Activities rumored as well.

Four new Strikes, four new Crucible maps, two new Crucible modes, and a new Raid. No, this is so much that it's a tad un-realitic. Two new Strikes, two new Crucible maps, one new game mode, and maybe a Raid. Because new Raid "activities" are confirmed coming to "Curse of Osiris". If that means a new Raid, then it would be pretty unlikely that both sets of DLC would have a new Raid.

All of the stuff is just rumors at this point, so some of it could be true or none of it. We all know that a second DLC is coming because of the season pass available when "D2" came out. It was rumored that the second DLC would be about this and now that this leak has popped up that might be a sign that it's true. Bungie will be having a set of livestreams talking about "Curse of Osiris" DLC and they might hint at DLC 2. The first of three streams will be tomorrow on Twitch 11 AM PT.