Epic Games has achieved a fantastic success with "Fortnite" as the video game recently hit the 20-million players mark. While Save the World mode is very fun and entertaining, what attracts most players is Battle Royale mode of "Fortnite." This PvP mode keeps growing and the game developer is constantly updating it with new content and interesting in-game items.

At the moment, "Fortnite" Battle Royale players are enjoying Fornitemares event. This event brought many amazing things to the game, including player levels, new skins, and even some new weapons.

With thousands of new players discovering the game, there is no doubt that Epic Games will keep adding new things to "Fornite" in order to keep players busy.

While the game has over 20 million players, only a few of them are really dedicated and know every single thing about the video game. Do you think you know "Fornite" Battle Royale enough to call yourself a pro? Whether you're a pro or a rookie, you should take a shot at the quiz below and show off your knowledge!

'Fornite' Battle Royale questions

There are 10 questions in the quiz and they are diverse. The questions will test your map knowledge, weapon damage, and in-game mechanics. Furthermore, there will be a few extra questions for those who played "Fortnite" Battle Royale before the most recent updates.

Some of the questions may be tough, but give it a shot and see how good you are! However, please play by the rules and don't google answers! It is important to note that the questions do not include Save the World mode as they are all about the "Fornite's" PvP mode. If you are decent at surviving on the island, you should have no trouble answering the questions and getting a high score!


At the end of the "Fornite" quiz, you will receive results that show you how well you did.

  • One or two correct answers: Rookie
  • Three to five correct answers: Amateur
  • Six to eight correct answers: Semi-pro
  • Nine or more correct answers: Expert

How well did you do? Don't be shy and share your rank in the comments section!

Bonus questions

If you scored six or more points in the "Fortnite" quiz, you are allowed to answer a few bonus questions.

  • Where can you get Slurp Juice from and what does the potion do?
  • Pump Shotgun was recently nerfed. What was the biggest reason for this?
  • How much material do you need to build a single wall?
  • What is located in the southwest corner of the island?
  • If you break a car with a pickaxe, which material will you get out of it?