Team17 released the announcement trailer for their new RTS game “Forged Battalion.” The trailer shows an amazing gameplay where players can create and upgrade their units. “Forged Battalion” also offers different types of game modes, such as solo, multiplayer and even a skirmish mode. The game will be very familiar for those who have played some "Command & Conquer" games. According to Team17, the Early Access version of “Forged Battalion” will be released on Steam in early 2018.

Key features

Players can create their own factions in “Forged Battalion.” Players can also edit a unit's equipment in every faction, giving more combat options to players.

Players can also add regenerating armors on vehicles, as well as specialized ammunition on aircrafts. The game also features a tech tree system, where players can choose different technology upgrades that unlock new blueprints. The tech tree system is also one of the most important features in the game as it is the only key to upgrade and enhance every units and structure. It also gives players the opportunity to have special abilities like stealth and regeneration. It is also the main source of the deadliest superweapons in the game like nuclear missiles and more. Getting resources in the game is obtained through combat. Due to this, players can expect an all-out war right in the start of the game.

“Forged Battalion” also offers an amazing storyline that fits very well for an RTS game. The game will also feature online multiplayer, where up to 7 players can battle on different game modes. “Forged Battalion” also has a Steam Workshop. Due to this, players can expect tons of mods that will definitely bring more fun to the game.

Early Access features

The Early Access version of “Forged Battalion” features the first five missions in the game's first act. At this point of time, there is no announcement yet on how many acts there will be in the game, though it seems that it's going to be a lot. The Early Access will also feature five skirmish maps, which can be played by 8 players.

Players can also expect playable maps in the Steam Workshop. Several skirmish game modes are also included in the Early Access, such as HQ Destruction and Annihilation. Team17 will also open dedicated servers that will support the game's online multiplayer. This will help the company to discover some issues in the game before its full release. It is also a good opportunity for players to see whether some units need to get reworked or balanced.