"Destiny 2" has been making the rounds lately with its recent emote glitch, that allowed players to go through any wall in the game. Fortunately, developer Bungie is fully aware of that glitch and is reportedly working on a patch to fix it. The emote has been removed from the Eververse store, and players are no longer allowed to buy it. However, those lucky players who managed to snag this emote before it was taken down, are still able to take advantage of the glitch at this time.

Now, it seems Bungie has a whole new glitch problem on their hands!

A YouTube channel called Rifle Gaming has revealed yet another glitch, this time, a new infinite super glitch. Players may recall that this is not entirely new, as a glitch like this has already happened before. The only catch, however, is that it is wrapped quite differently.

The new infinite super glitch

The new infinite super glitch in “Destiny 2,” was first noticed by a YouTuber named Alex Kensington. For it to take effect, players must be a Striker subclass. When they go to their Super Charged and it is about to run out, they must slam, tap the shoulder charge button twice, and then slam again. Players should do this over and over again until the glitch activates. These steps must be done accordingly, though.

If it is done correctly, players should be able to take advantage of it.

It’s a tricky thing to do

According to Rifle Gaming, the steps are easier said than done. Players who want to exploit this glitch should be accurate in tapping the buttons and performing the slam. It is also recommended for players to use the Trample, which can be found on Code of Juggernaut tree of the Striker subclass.

This basically replenishes the super energy of the character without having to do much of the aforementioned trick. There is no arguing that this glitch can be extremely helpful in PvE. Although it can also be used in PvP, the channel advises against doing so, as some players might find it offensive, and as a result, may report you for using the glitch.

Keep in mind that getting banned from the game entirely is also possible after receiving multiple complaints. Going back to the glitch, Bungie has yet to comment on it. Given the fact that it is still an exploit, the studio is most likely going to fix it. For now however, this could be a great way for players to rank their way to the ladder.

Check out the embedded video below to learn more about the new infinite super glitch and see it in action!