First-person shooting games have been one of the most popular genres today. Most of the first-person shooting games today offers an exciting game play. Many of the most popular first-person shooting games today require payments, making most gamers spend a lot of money. However, players can still try tons of amazing free-to-play first-person shooting titles today, which offers the same gameplay than the games that cost money. Here are the Top 3 free-to-play fps games today that players should not miss.


Paladins” is one of the most popular and highly played free-to-play first-person shooting games today.

It is because of its amazing gameplay that is similar to “Overwatch” and “Paladins” is also considered the free version of that popular title. Due to this, free-to-play gamers prefer to play “Paladins” to save money. The game offers tons of different characters with different abilities. Some of the characters in the game are focused on healing, while some characters are focused on dealing damage and being the tank of a team. Players must be very strategic in the game, especially when picking characters. “Paladins” also offers an amazing customization system, where players can put different accessories on their favorite characters. In order to become strong in the game, players should obtain powerful cards that will enhance the character's abilities.

‘Team Fortress 2’

Team Fortress 2” is one of the classic free-to-play first-person-shooting games today. It offers different game modes that players really enjoy. “Team Fortress 2” is also known for its weapon cache feature, where players can get different weapon skins with unique abilities. It is almost the same as the “CS: GO.” However, the weapon skins that are included in every weapon caches in “Team Fortress 2” offers more abilities than “CS: GO.” It can also be sold on the market where players can earn cash, which can be spent buying more keys.


Developed by Crytek, “Warface” is another example of a great free-to-play first-person shooting game. “Warface” offers different game modes, which are all focused on two teams. Players can try a team deathmatch, conquest and more. The game also offers different character classes with different abilities, which is similar to “Battlefield.” The game is also loved for its amazing graphics and realistic weaponry. Players that are looking for a free-to-play game that is similar to “Call of Duty” and “Battlefield” should definitely try “Warface.”