While "Gta 5 Online" is getting updates constantly, many are hoping that "Grand Theft Auto 6" will also get updates about its possible launching. Since many are waiting for its release, gamers cannot stop speculating about what it could offer.

"GTA 5" is still very popular. It is noted that Rockstar's last release of the game was in 2013 but its popularity still remains. Aside from that, it remains profitable for the company. Blorge reports that Rockstar sold over 21.3 billion copies of the game for PS3 alone, giving them $3 billion in revenue.

Since "GTA 5" is still famous and profitable, speculations indicate that they might not release a new game yet. Another reason for the delay is the upcoming release of "Red Dead Redemption 2." The developers are currently focusing on that game and not on working to complete "Grand Theft Auto 6."

'GTA 6' rumors

One of the famous rumors about the game's improvement is that its map depicts every city from the series thus far. This means that players can be taken from Liberty City to San Andreas. If this happens, this would indeed be a very large map to make. And it would be harder for the cops to catch players since they could just travel from one city to another.

The game, which could be released on Nintendo Switch, might include Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes as potential "GTA 6" voice actors.

Additionally, gamers will surely be pleased that the game could indeed have a full virtual reality support. By the time the game is released, VR support might indeed be possible. All of this is just rumored though.

The game's characters

A new female protagonist might also be featured in the game. For years, the playable characters have been males and it would be a good improvement to have a female protagonist.

Although Rockstar is open to this possibility, studio head Dan Houser said that they will think of the right game for a female lead. He added that "GTA" doesn't feel natural for a female protagonist, What Culture reports. This could be true, especially since it is full of murdered prostitutes.

What Culture further reports that Rockstar might bring back some their beloved characters from its previous games.

Gamers were pleased to see a cameo of Claude in San Andreas. But this time, Carl Johnson and Niko Bellic might be featured in the upcoming game. It is not yet clear if these characters will be playable or they will merely make an appearance in the game as supporting characters.

According to 1reddrop, "Grand Theft Auto 6" was in early stages of production in 2016. It might be released by the year 2020.