2K Sports released a new update for “NBA 2K18,” which is called patch 1.05. It brings a lot of fixes to the game, as well as performance improvements. There are also several gameplay adjustments and changes in some game modes. 2K Sports also added a 4K resolution at 60fps support for the Xbox One X version of the game. However, the overall changes in the update are currently only available for the PS4. The Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch will receive the update soon.

General changes and gameplay improvements

There are a lot of changes in patch 1.05.

First, is the overall graphical improvements to the game, such as the higher resolution of created shoes, and the game's 4K resolution and 60fps support for the Xbox One X. Patch 1.05 also updated the player action photos that will include the new uniforms for all teams. The update also added several authentic jerseys on different teams.

The update also fixed the Xbox One issue where the Game DVR does not work properly for some Players. 2K Sports also added audio improvements for the Nintendo Switch version of the game. The issue where players can earn incorrect trophies is also fixed in the update.

Aside from the general changes, there are also a lot of gameplay improvements in patch 1.05. First are the improvements in the Coach's Clipboard that sometimes shows incorrect matchup.

2k Sports also fixed the issue where players can cancel their dunk in mid-air and re-jump without getting a traveling violation. The layup system also received an improvement as tall players can sometimes hit the bottom of the backboard will performing a layup. The update also added improvements to the shot clock system, as well as the player icons.

Different game mode changes and fixes

The patch 1.05 brings a lot of fixes to different game modes. First is the fix in MyCareer mode where the VC balance is not being displayed properly. Several freezing issues of the game while in MyCareer mode are also fixed. The issue where players cannot equip the skateboard has been repaired.

The improper placement of accessories while in a game has been fixed. The issue where the player suggested lineup would revert after reaching a 90 overall rating is also sorted. Aside from the MyCareer mode, the update also fixed and changed several features in The Neighborhood mode. First, is the improper behavior on several NPCs in the game where players can sometimes no longer receive any text messages. The update also brings a lot of graphical improvements to the Neighborhood mode. The Pro-Am, MyTeam, and MyGM game modes also received minimal updates. Players will be able to play the game modes much more smoothly.