Playing a horror game is one of the best ways to experience the spirit of Halloween. There are a lot of Horror Games today that offer different gameplay. Some of them feature intense combat, while some of them offer gameplay where players should run away from horrific monsters. Here are the Top 3 horror games that will definitely scare players.

‘Outlast 2’

“Outlast 2” is one of the scariest games today. It features intense gameplay, where players should keep the in-game camera on to see the surroundings as turning it off will make the game pitch black.

In “Outlast 2,” players need to solve the mystery behind the murder of a pregnant woman in Arizona. Players can also expect a violent and brutal scene in the game. Players can also hide in different objects in the game to avoid from being caught by monsters. The game also features a stamina system. Due to this, players should manage their energy and use it only when being chased. Players should also seek batteries in the game to keep the camera alive.

‘Resident Evil 7’

Resident Evil 7” is one of the most popular horror games today. It features the same gameplay as its previous versions. One of the most popular features in the game is the crafting system, where players can combine different herbs to create a more effective healing potion.

The game also offers amazing weaponry, as well as stunning graphics. “Resident Evil 7” also offers different DLCs, which bring more activities in the game. It also features a first-person view, which gives the game a more horrific experience. There are also a lot of collectibles hidden in the game. “Resident Evil 7” is definitely a game to try for those individuals looking for a bit of a scare this Halloween.

‘Little Nightmares’

“Little Nightmares” is a Tim Burton style game. It features a small character that should escape from creepy looking monsters. Players should also solve different puzzles to progress in the game. It is also a game of patience as players should wait for the perfect opportunity to run away from enemies. Players can also expect a lot of rooms that offer different challenges.

“Little Nightmares” also has different DLCs. The first DLC is called The Depths, which sends players to the depths of the maw, which is very dark and horrific. The other DLCs only offer new soundtracks and outfits. There is also a DLC called Secrets of The Maw, which brings a new character and storylines.