Ubisoft revealed the Season 4 contents of “For Honor.” It will bring two new characters, as well as the much-anticipated capture-the-flag mode. Season 4 will also bring two new maps, which will be received by all players for free. Season pass holders will also receive the two new characters for free. Players that don't have a season pass will have to wait until November 21 to buy both characters at the store. The season 4 of “For Honor” will start on November 14.

Two new characters and capture-the-flag mode

The first character is named Aramusha. According to Ubisoft, Aramusha is a hybrid samurai that uses a dual wielded katana.

Aramusha is also fast at dodging attacks, as well as performing fast combos. Players that love a hack and slash style of combat should definitely try Aramusha.

The second character is called Shaman. According to Ubisoft, the Shaman uses a hatchet and a dagger. It also has two abilities that can only be activated when an enemy is bleeding. First is the Blood Trance, which will give the Shaman additional health for every successful attack. The second ability of the Shaman is called Predator's Mercy. It is a devastating finisher attack that will deal very high damage. Shaman will be very powerful especially when an enemy starts bleeding.

Aside from the two new characters, the season 4 will also add the Tribute mode, which is a 4v4 capture-the-flag mode.

The Tribute is one of the highly anticipated features in the game. The trailer also shows an amazing gameplay of the Tribute where players are chasing the enemy that captured their flag.

Two new maps

Season 4 will also add two new maps. First is the Market Town, which is a small area where players can climb and glide through ropes.

The Market Town will not feature a crowded place, but it will bring relaxing and beautiful scenery.

The second map is called The Gauntlet, which is a Viking map that features freezing weather. The map also looks chaotic in the trailer where players can see two large skulls in the entrance as well as a hanging dead man. Players can also expect difficult visibility in the map as it is always snowing.

Aside from the new maps, players will be able to play “For Honor” for free from November 9 to November 12. Ubisoft also announced that it will get a large discount in the same week that it runs free. Due to this, players will have a chance to test the game before buying it with a huge discount.