Super Mario Odyssey” is only a few days away as fans will finally be able to play another mainline series Mario game. This time, he must go on another adventure and travel to new kingdoms to save Peach. Bowser managed to kidnap her yet again and is even forcing her into marriage. That said, there are plenty of other activities and side quests you can do in the game. Moreover, Mario has a wide array of costumes to choose from.

Wedding gown

Mario can wear tons of new outfits as he explores the different kingdoms in the game. All of these costumes can be bought in the in-game stores, but you can also buy amiibos to unlock them instantly.

In line with this, Some lucky fans have managed to get their hands on their amiibos and have found out a shocking discovery. The Princess Peach amiibo has an unlockable wedding gown that Mario can wear, as per Polygon. Many fans were expecting the dress to be for Peach and that she might become a playable character, but Nintendo basically straight up confirms that the dress is the protagonist instead. He’s even wearing a veil and matching blue earrings, which is a pretty solid commitment to the original wedding dress.

If you have always wanted to make Mario wear a dress, you don’t need an amiibo to do it. Luckily, all costumes are unlockable in the game. That said, this is the first time we will see Mario sporting a dress.

It’s usually his brother, Luigi, who wears one. It’s worth pointing out that even Link wore Zelda’s dress in “The Legend of Zelda: Tri-Force Heroes.”

Get ready for the Odyssey

“Super Mario Odyssey” has a lot of cool new features for players to enjoy, There are a good number of vast new kingdoms, including New Donk City. There, Mario can reunite with his former flare, Pauline, and help her find her other band members.

Mario teams up with a new ally named Cappy who gives him the power to capture objects and enemies by throwing his hat on them. You can go around the world capturing goombas, NPCs, and even fireballs, which is pretty interesting. While traveling, Mario can take some souvenirs from different kingdoms and use it to decorate his ship.

While “Super Mario Odyssey” officially launches on Friday, some retailers have already broken the street date. Those who are looking forward to the game should avoid any sensitive spoilers floating around online, especially popular social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. “Super Mario Odyssey” is slated to finally release on Oct. 27 for the Nintendo Switch.