Overwatch” is a unique team-based game that requires players to work together. There are four classes in the game, with one of them being the Support category. There are only a total of five support characters, with one of them not even having the ability to heal. Following the recent Mercy and Ana nerf, “Overwatch” is in desperate need of another healer.

Current situation

Ever since the Mercy rework was patched in the live servers, she has been one of the most top picked heroes. Her simplicity is vital to her play kit as she is designed to be player friendly.

However, Blizzard recently decided to nerf her ultimate ability, drastically reducing how many times she could resurrect during a single match, as per PC gamer. Blizzard has made it difficult for Mercy players to land risky resurrects, forcing them to save their ability until major team fights. Even then, Mercy can only have up to two resurrects in matches, aside from her new chain beam ability. That said, her simplicity has been tweaked, further increasing her skill cap. While she might still be the simplest hero, she’s lost a major part of her edge.

Ana, on the other hand, takes a lot of more skill to use as she depends on shooting her team to heal them. Her Biotic Grenade is also a great way to heal a group of allies and debuff foes, but with so much technicality in her kit, most players would often prefer to use Mercy.

Ana is far from the same healer she once was in Season 3, and Zenyatta and Lucio heal a bit too slow to be considered “solo” healers unless your team is doing enough damage and scoring plenty of kills.

Show your support

With such limited options to choose from, it’s only fitting enough that fans want more diversity in the Support category.

There are only four characters to choose from, and these choices are limited by the game’s mechanics and overall team skill. Adding another healer would not only add another viable option to the Support class but also mix up the meta and reorganize the game’s structure.

If anything, this new healer should just be as simple to play as Mercy.

If he/she/it is too complicated to play like Ana with very little healing output, players will continue to stay with the aforementioned hero. A simple healer with a consistent healing ability should urge players to move away from Mercy and find another stable healing hero, similar to the Reinhardt anchor tank problem a few months back. Buffing Winston and adding Orisa gave players more reasons to move away from Reinhardt and ultimately solve the issue.