Super Mario Odyssey” is one of the most highly-anticipated games this year and is releasing in just a few days. The game follows Mario on yet another adventure to rescue Peach after she was kidnapped by Bowser. The villain is forcing the princess into marriage and it’s up to Mario to save her. The game comes with its own song called “Jump Up, Super Star” and apparently the game’s box comes with the lyrics.

Sing along

“Jump Up, Super Star” is an incredibly corny song, but there’s a lot of charm to its tune. Nintendo has been using the song to advertise the game, and it’s been working pretty well.

Most fans are absolutely in love with its catchy melody and it’s even available to buy in the iTunes store, ranking in the top 25. That said, Kotaku reports that the game’s box actually has the lyrics for the song.

Apparently, some YouTuber managed to get the game early and posted most of the details on the internet. Some person even managed to live stream the whole game and managed to reach the postgame, albeit being cut shortly afterward. There are plenty of spoilers floating around gaming forums. Moreover, those who are wary of spoilers should avoid social media sites that contain extremely sensitive information, like Facebook or Twitter.

Peach’s dress

In other news, the game also contains plenty of new outfits for Mario to try.

While you can buy most of them directly in the game, Nintendo has also stored some of them in amiibos. It’s worth noting that Peach’s wedding amiibo unlocks a wedding dress, which many initially believed would belong to Peach. This spurred some interesting speculation about the princess being playable in the post game, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

According to Polygon, this new outfit actually belongs to Mario. He can wear Peach’s wedding dress, complete with the earrings and veil. It will be pretty silly to see Mario waddle around the kingdoms wearing a dress, but Nintendo hasn’t shied away from these types of concepts before. Just recently. In “Breath of the Wild,” Link has to wear female clothing to enter a certain village.

Moreover, the same protagonist even had a Princess Zelda costume in “Tri-Force Heroes.” It seems like Nintendo is much more open to cross-dressing now which is great for those who like to express themselves that way. Luckily, you don’t need Peach’s wedding amiibo to unlock the dress as Nintendo confirmed that all amiibo costumes will be included in the game. “Super Mario Odyssey” is slated to launch this Oct. 27 for the Nintendo Switch.