The “OverwatchHalloween terror event is still in full swing as players have the chance to collect all of the new and old cosmetics. Characters like Symmetra and Ana have gotten some pretty cool-looking skins, so that’s something to look into. Aside from all the cosmetics, Blizzard also brought back the Junkenstein’s Revenge brawl. Here, a group of four players must defend Eichenwalde Castle from being destroyed by zomnics. That said, they have also released a new comic about the seasonal brawl.

Another story

According to Usgamer, there was an “Overwatch” comic last year about Reinhardt narrating the tale of Dr.

Junkenstein. It was a good introduction to the Halloween event and helped immerse fans in the lore. This year, Dr. Junkenstein is further fleshed out with another comic and also hints that Mercy is the true villain in the “Overwatch” Halloween universe.

In the comic, Reinhardt acts as the Lord of Aldersbrunn who sends out a raven, calling for help to deal with Dr. Junkenstein and his zomnics. Instead of the original four heroes, a Monk, Countess, Swordsman, and Viking answer his call. One interesting tidbit about this comic is how all of the characters are sporting their Halloween costumes. The art is beautifully drawn, and it’s a stunning sight to see characters like Symmetra and Zenyatta wear their seasonal skins.

This is also one of the shorter comics from the game, with only four pages.

Halloween Event

In line with the comic, fans can now play the ongoing Halloween Terror event. The seasonal event brings back all of the cosmetics from last year, ranging from the iconic Witch Mercy down to the RIP victory poses. Blizzard has also added in a few new cosmetics, sprays, emotes, and victory poses this year, but it’s obvious that the main meat lies with all of last year’s festivities.

You can still choose to play the original Junkenstein’s Revenge mode. Here, players can choose from Soldier: 76, Ana, Hanzo, or McCree and fend off Eichenwalde castle from waves of enemies. The new endless mode, on the other hand, includes Widowmaker, Zenyatta, Genji, and Torbjorn as playable characters. However, this mode is much more difficult as there will be plenty of waves with increasing difficulty.

The rewards for completing the seasonal event achievements are cute sprays, along with loot boxes if you’re filling out your arcade slots. While the “Overwatch” Halloween Terror event doesn’t add much for returning players, it’s great that Blizzard still brought it back.