After the release of "Destiny 2" in September on Xbox One and PS4, Bungie set its sights on bringing the Sci-Fi shooter to PC. The release is set for October 24th and will make it a full cross-platform gaming experience. The release has been highly anticipated since "Destiny 2" already had a more positive reception than the original Destiny game. "Destiny 2" has a four-star rating on Amazon since it was released. ​

While there are still a few days left before the PC launch of “Destiny 2”, developer Bungie is apparently not slacking off. They have already broken ground on their newest game, and Bungie co-founder Jason Jones gave some hints into what the next game may have in store for fans.

What will the new game be about?

Bungie has undoubtedly made their mark on the Sci-Fi shooter genre, with two very successful shooter series under their belt - “Halo” and “Destiny”. While many people likely expect the developer to continue with this genre that made them so well known, it seems that Jones might have a different idea. In a recent interview with BBC, Jones says, “Every time you do a new thing to surprise and delight people you risk being ignored.” However, it is unclear whether he means they will be continuing with what they are most familiar with or if his statement was an allusion to the new game that may be significantly different from what fans are used to.

Still a long way to go

While Jones teased the new game, Bungie's main focus - at least for the time - will be to ensure the success of the PC launch for the “Destiny 2” game.

David Shaw, the lead developer for the PC game, said that the trickiest thing about making "Destiny 2" for Windows was trying to convey an accurate feeling that the console game gives its players.

Bungie has partnered with Nvidia graphics card line to help on this end, and to have Nvidia backing the PC game is a big accomplishment due to the popularity of their graphic cards and their stellar reputation as the leading name in the industry. In fact, Nvidia is already advertising their new GTX 10 series with a free copy of the game.

​While "Destiny 2" is a lot like the original Destiny, there are a number of new modifications and improvements that have provided a well-needed upgrade from the original game. ​It has a better gaming experience due to the better storyline. It also adds area maps with fast travel and fixes numerous other points in the game that were less-than-desirable to many gamers. Hopefully the PC release will be as good as the console release, and allow for PC gamers to get a true feel of what Bungie intended.

There is a lot on Bungie’s plate at the moment, and it seems that fans have a lot more to look forward to in the future!