If you haven’t heard about thatgamecompany they’re a game studio dedicated to creating timeless interactive entertainment that inspires human connection worldwide. They have made successful games such as “Journey,” “Flower,” and “Flow.” All of them have won game awards and/or been showcased in exhibits across the world. Some have even been added to the permanent collection at the Smithsonian Museum.

Since their announcement about “Sky,” they have also announced that “Flower” is now available to play on iPhone and iPad. Thatgamecompany’s goal is to expand the range of emotional experiences possible in video games so that it can be enjoyed and loved by people of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds.

How It Started

On thatgamecompany’s blog, they talked about how after their release of "Journey," numerous fans wrote to them and expressed how they enjoyed playing the game with their spouse, children or loved ones. Fans asked if thatgamecompany could create a game they could all play together.The company wants as many as possible to play games and decided to explore this idea, which ended up bringing their idea to mobile.

What is 'Sky' about?

This is the first mobile, multiplatform game that the company has worked on. Thatgamecompany states that “Sky” is a social adventure game that’s about holding hands with your loved ones as you fly together through a desolate sky kingdom, where generosity and compassion is key to lighting your path.

Thatgamecompany explains the experience, “If you can imagine the delight of visiting a theme park where lasting memories are made, we envision ‘Sky’ will sometimes feel like that.” Not many details have been said besides that, keeping fans at the edge of their seat.

They are still developing the game and showed fans a gameplay teaser trailer, some new artwork, and an interview between Jenova Chen (President and Creative Director at thatgamecompany) and Geoff Keighley discussing the development process.

In the interview, Jenova Chen talks about how “Sky” is on the emotional side of the spectrum and how it will make the player feel connected to the world, all while helping others.

Jenova Chen discusses the game mechanics revolving around "giving" and the game having a whimsical world above the clouds that once had a large civilization but is now in ruins. The environment is an evolving space where things you may have experienced before might change.