Recently, “Destiny 2” players were shocked following a series of bans from developer Bungie. These were applied to those who “pose a threat” to the overall shared ecosystems of the title. Apparently, not everyone in the community liked the move.

The studio speaks

Following a deluge of complaints from players, the “Destiny 2” developers explained themselves and released an official statement regarding the issue. First and foremost, the studio clarified that they banned approximately “400 players” from the PC version of the game. However, they clarified that they did not – and would not – ban anybody who utilizes software that employs performance monitors or screen displays, according to Polygon.

Bungie further explained that they could only ban a player after “a manual investigation” was conducted. Otherwise, the player could continue to play the game until a punishment would be reached. The turmoil came after the studio's decision to punish people using any hacking and/or cheating software. Perhaps not everyone understood the developer’s motives at first.

Recent changes made

The “Destiny 2” developer also revealed that they just overturned four player bans following the latest announcement. These bans all originated from the PC version of the game’s beta in late August, though. It is worth noting that the ban is not an automatic process, contrary to popular belief. It is unlike the game’s client itself, which can detect something right away and immediately block players from playing.

Basically, only a member of the company can rightfully issue a ban, which, as already mentioned above, happens after “a manual investigation.”

This simply contradicts the suggestions from “Destiny 2” players who claimed to have been banned by the studio. They said that the punishment came after booting the game on their PC, though others were not able to specify anything.

As for players who were mistakenly banned, Bungie has already acknowledged the errors. They also clarified that these were different from those who used third-party applications in the game. “We will continue to review the process we use to ensure a fun and fair game,” Bungie said. While these errors may have been frustrating to some, it is still a good sign to know that the studio is fulfilling its promise of clearing the game from exploits. Recently, the game has been bugged by players who used applications or software that helped them cheese the game. The only catch, however, was the fact that they were cheating or hacking.