Gun Media and Illfonic are offering players a new way of customizing Part IV Jason of “Friday the 13th: The Game” at a very low price through a brand new set of Kills and creepy Halloween costumes. It appears that the game developer of the hit asymmetrical title is now regularly introducing new additions that will surely make players happy. Despite its rough launch, the team is trying to improve the popular horror survival title with new feature and contents along with several fixes and improvements that are released on a regular basis.

Trick or Treat DLC Pack

To celebrate the Halloween, the team behind “Friday the 13th: The Game” recently announced its Trick or Treat DLC pack. The new downloadable content contains 10 Halloween outfits that Counselors can wear. This includes Skeleton costume for A.J., Pro Wrestler outfit for Eric, which looks like more of Andre the Giant, Sexy Cop clothing for Kenny, and Karate Guy for Chad. These costumes along with several others are available for just $1.99 a bundle. Indeed a cheap way to dress up before getting decapitated by the iconic slasher.

New kills

In addition to the Trick or Treat DLC Pack, Gun Media and Illfonic are also adding three new Kills to the latest version of Jason. Judging by their names, it seems that the new Kills are horrible.

The new Kill pack includes Slam and Gut, Kneecapper, and Throat Slit. These details were recently seen in the Microsoft Store. Unfortunately, the preview for the new Kills of the Part IV Jason is not yet available. However, players can now start to imagine the gruesome images behind the suggestive names.

The upcoming Kill Pack will not cost much.

In fact, it will be available for just $2.99. As part of the iconic slasher’s variation pack, the Kills will only be limited to part IV Jason. In other words, players who have the new iteration of Jason Voorhees will only be the ones who can avail of the upcoming Kill Pack.

Release date

The two packs have a release date of October 26 so players can try to download the packs now and enjoy a whole new experience with the new kills and costumes just right for the occasion.

On Reddit, a user named readerofthetruth predicted that the packs might be released during the midnight of October 26.

Meanwhile, players can look forward to the much-awaited Single Player mode of the game sooner. Gun Media and Illfonic previously shared the details about the mode that would give the players a glimpse of what to expect with the upcoming mode. “Friday The 13th: The Game” is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.