Season six of “Overwatch” Competitive Play is set to end this week. This means that players will have to wait for a couple of days before a new season starts. More importantly, it is time for them to double their efforts to rank high on the competitive ladder. Here is everything about this new development from Blizzard.

End date revealed

According to DotEsports, Competitive Play in “Overwatch” is expected to end on October 28 at 5 PM PT. All progress will be stopped, but players will be rewarded with special sprays and player icons depending on their ranking.

Interestingly, the studio is set to start the new season much earlier than the previous ones. Season seven is set to begin three days later, particularly on October 31.

The announcement was made via the game’s official forum site courtesy of community manager Josh Engen. “These will be unlocked automatically when you log into your account the first time after the season ends,” he wrote. For players ending up in the top 500 mark, they are going to earn an extra player icon and an animated spray on top of the regular rewards.

How competitive points work

Blizzard has been tweaking the competitive point system since the game’s release last year. The most recent update suggests that if a player gets consecutive wins in Competitive Play, he/she is going to obtain more Skill Rating (SR) or competitive points than players who win and lose alternately.

So far, the community’s reception towards the new system has been overwhelming.

It is worth noting that competitive points in “Overwatch” are also rewarded for maximum skill rating achieved. At least, this is what the current season includes. It is possible for the studio to rework the skill system once again the upcoming season.

But if they do so, players can expect a full announcement beforehand.

Spamming voice lines

In related news, Blizzard is now looking to punish “Overwatch” players who frequently spam character voice lines. This is reportedly among the studio’s efforts to knock down toxicity in the game. The punishment started when a player on the PlayStation 4 player complained about the forum site about getting silenced in-game.

One of the community managers Scott Mercer explained that the player received multiple unique reports for abusive chat. It turned out that among the reports were “spamming of character voice lines.”

Obviously, not everyone was pleased to hear the announcement from Mercer. Most of them thought that getting punished for using the voice lines repeatedly was ridiculous. Mercer, however, explained that a voice line could be considered a spam or violation if it “disrupts” or “harasses” other players. Still, the community believes that everything about the new punishment is vague.