Independent game developer IO Interactive has recently announced that “HitmanGame of the Year Edition will be released soon. They have officially revealed this version after teasing its announcement earlier this month. They also revealed that it will have new missions for players to try out.

ATLUS USA has also announced an Ultimate Edition for the popular “Persona 5.” This new edition will have a lot of content bundled together. There are also other packs included for easier purchases of other downloadable contents.

GOTY edition announced

IO Interactive announced that their episodic third-person stealth video game will have a GOTY edition.

This version will have all of the contents from Season 1 like all seven locations, challenges, contracts, and the bonus missions.

This new edition will also have new missions that are included in a brand new campaign called Patient Zero. Players are tasked to find the cause of a virus and stop its spread to the public. These new missions will allow Agent 47 (protagonist) to return to familiar locations of the main story.

New costumes and items

The GOTY edition will also have new costumes to try out like a cowboy suit, a raven suit, and a clown suit. Players can also use new weapons like a new pistol, rifle, and a bat. Each of the new items can be acquired by new Escalation Contracts.

Official release date and platforms

Fans who have the standard edition of the video game and the original locations can upgrade to the GOTY Edition of “HITMAN” for only $19.99 on digital stores. The physical GOTY edition can be purchased on Nov. 7 for only $59.99. It will be available on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

Update and new trailer

On the release day of the GOTY edition, a new update will be launched as well. It will improve the UI and lighting, new contracts, Elusive Target Unlock, Tobii Eye Tracking, and the Xbox One X support. A new trailer was also revealed, which can be viewed below.

‘Persona 5’ gets Ultimate Edition

In other special edition related news, ATLUS USA recently announced that “Persona 5” will get a new Ultimate Edition.

Fans can purchase the whole bundle for only $124.99 for PS4 and $114.99 for PS3. This will include the main game, all of the costumes, all of the Persona DLCs, Japanese audio track, all BGMs, a Healing Item Set, a Skill Card Set, and the new difficulty level challenge.

There are also two other bundles, which are the Costume + BGM Bundle for $59.99, and the Persona Bundle for only $19.99. The first bundle includes all of the costumes and the BGMs in the game, while the second one has all of the Persona DLCs.

Check out the "Persona 5" Launch Trailer here: