Blizzard has been on the roll lately, introducing a bunch of updates and tweaks. Perhaps the most interesting one is the major rework the developers did to Mercy, one of the game’s support characters. From here normal skills down to her ultimate ability, the popular healer is unlike her past version.

Apparently, in a report from Destructoid, the studio is set to introduce a huge change to the aforementioned “Overwatch” hero. This has something to do with her new ultimate ability called Valkyrie. Well, here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Changes on ultimate coming

It is worth noting that Mercy’s new ultimate allows her to gain infinite bullets and flying ability. Her healing and boosting powers are also increased the moment the skill is deployed. Although she still can resurrect dead teammates (one player at a time), this is no longer part of her new ultimate ability. Interestingly, the said ultimate is being tweaked on the game’s Public Test Server.

The major change was announced on the official “Overwatch” forum site by community manager Josh Engen. On the test server, Mercy is no longer able to acquire a free cooldown reset once her ultimate is utilized. To put it simply, players can easily use her resurrect, hit her ultimate, then use resurrect again in quick succession.

As expected, ultimate cooldown resets are common in games such as hero shooters and/or MOBAs. But in Blizzard’s case, the developers decided to tone it down a bit.

How Valkyrie will now work

On “Overwatch” PTR, Mercy’s Valkyrie will now able to double the range of the resurrection skill. This should force players to quite more tactical in terms of deciding whether or not a dead member should be resurrected.

But, of course, this change is still an experiment on the part of the developers. Otherwise, it will not be existing on the test server. If things are likely to be acceptable, then there is no doubt the tweak will find its way to the official servers.

When the major rework of Mercy arrived on PTR, most players – especially those who main her – were quite frustrated.

They thought that changing the hero’s ultimate would make her useless. Interestingly, the changes opted players to use the healer more frequently. In fact, in the latest statistics from Blizzard, more players were using Mercy the moment her reworked abilities arrived. More importantly, the winning rate of a team got heavily dependable on Mercy. In other words, a team was likely to win if they had Mercy on them. With the new changes on PTR, it is interesting to see what sort of new gameplay players will be seeing after.