It's finally out. Fans have been wanting to play and take part in the search for the missing kid, 'Will Byers,' in the 1980's fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana. Though not as immersive as games like "Silent Hill," "Stranger Things: The Game," surely is another feather in the cap of the hit American science fiction-horror web television series.

The game is published Netflix and is developed by BonusXP it is packaged as a pixelated, retro-inspired top-down mobile phone video game. It has a 2D role-playing video game feel, reminiscent of famous titles like "Pokémon," the majority of "The Legend of Zelda" games and early "Grand Theft Auto" games.

Players will find themselves in different locations in the web television series where they have to dodge, battle and solve puzzles in order to advance.

"Stranger Things: The Game" takes inspiration and brings elements seen in 'Metroidvania' titles. The mobile game allows players to unlock other playable characters as they progress, starting with Chief Jim Hopper.

The team

Players can add members to their party as they move on and the characters they get to unlock will further aid them in their quest. Different party members will have different skill sets that in most cases will be necessary for players to move on.

Chief Hopper can punch the living daylight out of enemy guards and wildlife. Nancy can knock out opponents with a swing of her trusty baseball bat, which she can also use to break down tree trunks to access areas where one can find bonus items and advance in the game.

Lucas, on the other hand, can deal damage from a distance with his 'Wrist Rocket,' and hit things from across gaps, such as switches to disable a series of security lasers in the game's surprisingly expansive area.

The game also involves solving puzzles apart from the light combat players are to expect.

Kicking off the second season

Netflix's 'Stranger Things' season two will come out October 27, the game will help boost the 'Stranger Things' fan base having the game based loosely on the science fiction-horror web television series' first season. "Stranger Things: The Game" acts as a springboard for new viewers to have a first-hand experience of what it is like to roam the series' locale and let's not forget the 'Upside Down.'

Come the 27th, the developers plan to add more content and updates to the game.

There is a strong likelihood for fans to see the events in the series' second season make its way to the game.

The game features interesting achievements, players get rewards for collecting Eggos and Gnomes, as well as completing the full VHS library in the game. "Stranger Things: The Game" is the show's official video game and is a licensed tie-in between Netflix and BonusXP. This free to play video-game is out now for iOS and Android devices. The game is free and has no in-app purchases.