It has been in the rumor mill for quite some time now as “Street Fighter V” approaches the end of its Season 2. Some fans reportedly dug a little deeper in the game files after the latest update and found out some interesting details about its future content. It was speculated that Capcom’s fighting game is due for an overhaul after its two-year run. The rumors were proven to be true as the developer confirmed the existence of “Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition”. The arcade mode feature was surprisingly absent when the game launched last year and has been the subject of debate among fans until now.

‘Arcade Edition’ instead of ‘Super Street Fighter V’

Before its being officially announced by Capcom, speculation suggested that the next game would be most likely called “Super Street Fighter V”. Hidden game files extracted through data-mining revealed the existence of an arcade mode, bonus stage, new game modes, and new V-Triggers. The fighting game launched with barebones content that drew the ire of long-time fans of the series. Not to mention its problematic matchmaking code and server issues. These problems caused a lot of casual players to abandon the game, which also failed to meet its sales targets after word got out of its shortcomings. "Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition” seems positioned to try and redeem the franchise’s fanbase.

The importance of single-player content

Fighting games have always been intended for both casual and hardcore players. The latter are fans that prefer to take on human opponents or join tournaments to try out their skills on a professional level. Casual gamers usually prefer to go against the computer or play against their friends from time to time.

Single-player game modes are what usually keep them interested to spend time with the title. However, when the original game was released, it failed to address each user’s needs and ended up getting neglected.

New content detailed by the developer

The first thing users should know about the new version is its content, which has steadily grown over the past year.

Capcom confirmed that it will be a free upgrade for existing owners of the original title. New users can secure their own copy for $39.99 and receive all the Season 1 and 2 characters. The strongly-requested arcade mode makes its return along with new features such as a bonus stage. A second V-Trigger is also expected to add a fresh approach to matches. “Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition” will also include a new character, which is suspected to be the game’s new boss. It is scheduled to release next year on January 16, 2017, for the PlayStation 4 and PC.