Persona 5” will soon be playable on PC. The role-playing game became a massive success right after it was launched for PlayStation 3 and 4 by Atlus. With the unprecedented feat in the gaming industry, fans now are left wondering what the team behind the title has in store for the players.

PC port for the PS3/4-exclusive

While fans are waiting for the next big thing to happen in the hit role-playing game, it appears that sega is working on something massive for the game. In a recent interview with another gaming site, a John Clark, Sega Europe's senior vice president of commercial publishing, showed interest in introducing “Persona 5” to PC gamers.

It was revealed in the interview that there has been constant communication between Atlus and SEGA, which could yield impressive results in the nearest future. The fifth installment has received excellent reviews and news about a potential introduction of the game to PC is a great joy for users of the said platform.

Other games on ported to PC

Aside from the above-mentioned title, there are other games that are most likely going to be released on PC. Among them includes the niche series, “Yakuza.” It can be recalled that SEGA previously ported “Vanquish” and “Bayoneta” to Steam, which has received a warm reception from fans. It took the company several years to successfully bring the game to another platform.

It is expected that the same would happen to “Persona 5” if Atlus and SEGA finally started working on its port. With the recent development, it appears that the company is well-aware of the gaming community’s expectations.

Meanwhile, in a recent interview with “Persona 5” director Katsura Hashino, he revealed that the success that the game is getting right now exceeds his expectations.

It is worth noting that it took Hashino and his team numerous delays and many years in developing the widely played title. The commercial success of the title has reached the West and in other regions where it is available.

According to Hashino, he was personally surprised that the role-playing game was well received in other regions.

He also revealed that he was at first nervous if the game would perform well in other areas aside from Japan. While he admitted that he had no personal knowledge about the culture of the people in other areas, he also believed that the Western culture is always attached to stories of an ordinary person turning into a hero and solves the problem of the society.

Persona 5” is currently available on PlayStation 3 and 4.