Game developer IO Interactive, which regained their status as an independent studio last June, finally announced the complete details of HITMAN Game of the Year Edition." In addition to a new campaign, new challenges, and weapons, the package will also include Hitman: The Complete First Season” which was released last Jan. 31st, 2017.

Travis from IO Interactive revealed that all features of “HITMAN: The Complete First Season” will be included in the GOTY. This will include all seven locations, all bonus missions and challenge packs, escalation contracts, and featured contracts.

All in all, the first season alone can easily bring a total of 100 hours of gameplay.

Patient Zero campaign

In addition to “HITMAN: The Complete Season One," the GOTY package includes a brand new campaign called “Patient Zero,” according to Travis. In this campaign, players must lead Agent 47 in completing a four-mission campaign that will prevent a virus from evolving into a global pandemic.

“Patient Zero” will take us back to the original settings backed with new gameplay, characters, improved AI behavior, HUD elements and more. Travis mentioned the look and feel of Bangkok, Sapienza, Colorado and Hokkaido, though he did not directly disclose whether “Patient Zero” will take place here.

New suits, weapons and escalation contracts

“HITMAN Game of the Year Edition” will bring back a fan-favorite suit and also introduce two new suits along with its corresponding weapons. First is the Clown Suit from “HITMAN: Blood Money." With his signature red wig, vibrant socks, and big shoes, Corky the Clown gets to carry his signature weapon and a new bat.

Players can also opt for high-precision, high-damage long-range engagements by choosing the Raven Suit for Agent 47. This black and charcoal suit, combined with the finest gloves and pockets, is the perfect choice to carry the Sieger 300 Ghost sniper rifle. The all-black rifle has an extended 4-level zoom for improved aim.

If players want a magnum pistol to blast enemies, the GOTY Edition also brings a Cowboy Suit tied with a weapon nicknamed “The Striker”.

Complete with alligator boots, sunglasses, a cowboy hat and the belt buckle the size of a fist, “The Striker” could become a fan-favorite with its high damage at all ranges, knock back aftereffects, and piercing sounds.

The suits were not added via GOTY Edition just for fun; they come with new themed escalation contracts, specially designed for each new weapon/suit combination with some unique experiences, according to Travis. As explained, there are three stages per escalation contract; however, one of the escalations has seven targets!

New updates and patches

Travis also announced that players can download a game update on the same date “HITMAN Game of the Year Edition” is released. This will include a redesigned UI, new contracts mode features, HUD improvements, and various fixes and improvements.

IO Interactive will also reactivate Elusive Target.

The update will also provide game upgrades that will make it compatible with Xbox One X, which will also be released on the same date. Plus, players who played in any of the Elusive Targets on “HITMAN: The Complete Season One” will be given an in-game commemorative coin.

“HITMAN Game of the Year Edition” will be available this coming Nov. 7 on all platforms. New players can purchase GOTY digitally for US$60 while existing players can purchase “GOTY Upgrade” for only US$20.