Despite its rough start, it appears that Gun Media and Illfonic are committed to further develop and improve “Friday the 13th: The Game.” According to its latest notes shared online, the developers are preparing to roll out a patch that will fix one of the major issues that players have long been complaining. Players will soon get the next patch that will resolve the issues with vehicles in the asymmetrical horror title. Recently, a massive content has been released in the game. This includes the new version of Jason Vorhees dubbed as Part IV Jason.

A new Counselor is also introduced in the person of Mitch Floyd.

Upcoming fix

On the official website of “Friday the 13th: The Game,” the developer posted a new update that contains their future plans for the popular asymmetrical horror title. The developer revealed that in the next patch, they will address one of the primary areas of concern among players—the vehicles. Gun media and Illfonic acknowledge that the vehicles in the game are currently in a messy state. Fortunately, they have already found solutions for the game’s escape options where players could enjoy it in a much smoother version.


According to the developers’ post, the vehicles are physics-driven objects that players can use to drive around the map.

However, there are several instances when players experience disastrous issues when the vehicles interact with other in-game objects. In order to resolve this, the developers reveal that they are upgrading their engine that should fix a list of issues.

This includes the usual car flipping that players encounter in the asymmetrical horror title.

The developers will integrate a newer version of the engine that will also contain several fixes to the physics systems. Whatever is left unsolved by the new engine will be taken care of by Gun Media and Illfonic.

Latest update

Meanwhile, a few days ago, players received a massive content released in the game. This includes the new iteration of Jason dubbed as the Part IV Jason.

The latest version is one of the most requested additions to the game. It was released with a new weapon called the Pig Splitter. The new Jason also contains his own chase music that players can hear as soon as the slasher starts running after his victims.

Apart from those, fans are looking forward to the release of a new Counselor in the game. Aside from Mitch Floyd, the developers have unintentionally included the name of Fox as the new Counselor when it should be written as Mitch Floyd. The error made fans excited as they will soon be able to play as Fox in “Friday the 13th: The Game.”