Gun Media and Illfonic are totally committed to improving “Friday the 13th: The Game” despite previous issues. Several days ago, the developers released a massive update containing a new version of Jason, a new Counselor, Weather System, and a new map. Recently, it shared their future plans for the asymmetrical horror title. They also revealed the new issues they have discovered in the game after the patch. Moreover, the developers assured fans that they will release a fix to the vehicles in the game, were not addressed by the most recent update.

Future plans

On the official website of “Friday the 13th: The Game,” Gun Media and Illfonic breaks down the details of their future plans. Aside from being apologetic for not fixing all the issues with the latest update, the developer shares important information to its player base. This includes addressing the long-term issues, new things coming for the game, and the steps they are making to address the issue.


Gun Media and Illfonic assured players that issues with the vehicles in the game will be addressed when the next update rolls out. The team revealed that they are upgrading their engine to fix issues with the vehicles. This includes car flipping and other disastrous issues that players experience when interacting with the in-game vehicles.

Performance, Perks, and Environmental Kills

With the game engine receiving an update, the developers hope that the performance fixes and game optimization will improve the overall game performance. In addition, the asymmetrical horror title will also be upgraded to DX12 when the engine update takes place. Aside from the engine upgrade, the developers also acknowledge that there are few remaining issues with the Perks that are still unfixed.

Currently, they are looking into these remaining issues to have them resolved. In addition, the developers are currently doing an audit on all maps to check and are asking the players to report any location where they noticed that kills are broken.

DLC Roadmap update

Meanwhile, after the release of the most recent update to the game, the DLC Roadmap is now updated. After Halloween, players can expect the upcoming launch of the new and improved Virtual Cabin 2.0.

Offline bots and Single Player Challenges demo are also lined up for release following the new virtual cabin. Players can also expect new Counselors and a new map before the holiday arrives.

Many players believe that the developers will release the Part 7 map and Fox as one of the new Counselors. “Friday the 13th: The Game” is now out and available on gamers using Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.