An “Overwatch” player recently complained on the official forums that he was suddenly silenced without any warning at all. It turns out there was a policy for such abuses on a certain feature that could disable communications for abusive players.

Game company Blizzard also revealed that season six of the popular shooter’s Competitive Play will be ending soon. Players will be rewarded with competitive points for their maximum skill ratings achieved. They are now advised to compete more while the season is still up.

Abused voice lines can get players silenced

The forum post that was made by a player included his complaints about the unjust silence from the game company. He revealed that his communications were disabled a lot of times even though he was off the microphone.

The player thought that the microphone was picking up something and this was treated as abuse, which he promptly muted. He was still silenced after the third strike, and he complained about this issue in the forums.

Principle designer confirms abuse

Principle designer Scott Mercer pulled up the records of the player’s complaints. He revealed that the player was actually spamming Voice lines, which was a form of abuse. He also killed his character, and he was also reported as a nuisance in a match.

Another player was concerned after Mercer’s explanation. It is common for players to make their character talk with their voice lines for greetings. He was concerned that others might be silenced after spamming voice lines.

Clarifications made

Mercer made it clear that spamming voice line can only become an issue if the players are interfering with other players and becoming nuisances.

They do not want their fans’ fun to be interrupted because someone is being irritating to play with.

The principle designer stated that abusive chat is any form of obscene, hateful, disrupting, or discriminatory communications. The game company does not want anyone threatening or harassing other players in a game. He confirmed that spamming voice lines that look like harassment or are disruptive to other players will be punished.

Sixth competitive season ending soon

In other “Overwatch” related news, season six of the video game’s Competitive Play will be going offline on October 28 at 5 PM PT. Player icons and special sprays for the players who competed will be awarded. Three days afterward, season seven will begin and go online.

Players who have completed their placement matches will get their rewards from the season six competition. They will get them automatically when they log into their accounts the first time after the season ends. Top 500 rankers will get an extra player icon and an animated spray as bonuses.

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