After a controversial announcement of the World’s First team to complete the Prestige Leviathan raid, Bungie has prepared to reveal more details regarding the upcoming raid challenges and the corresponding rewards. Fans can expect the first one to drop before the month ends and a new one will follow every week afterward. Guardians who have played the first installment should be familiar with how the system works. Additional content like this will be very much appreciated by “Destiny 2” fans that have completed all the activities. The sci-fi shooter has always pushed its focus to entertain gamers after the credits roll.

Destiny 2 players love challenges and rewards even more

According to Bungie, the first challenge mode for the Leviathan raid will drop on October 31, 2017. Additionally, it seems that these add-on activities will be applied to one of the encounters within the PVE game mode. Just like jumping in the raid for the first time, the game will not provide any instructions on how to complete them. Guardians can only rely on the on-screen prompt that informs everyone if their attempt has failed. Raid veterans have always depended on the notification as a trial and error method to figure out the required actions.

Upon completion, Guardians will receive a special emblem awarded for each of their characters first attempt for that week.

Furthermore, to make it worth their effort, the game will award players with a guaranteed raid drop gear. This method seems to be the surefire way to complete missing raid armor or weapons. Normally, everything is randomly generated along with Calus tokens, which can be redeemed from Benedict 99-40 in the tower.

Developer needs to confirm soon

As it stands, the developer has not officially confirmed if the challenges will be available for Prestige and normal difficulties. To recall, in the original “Destiny” game, special requirements reward gamers with more loot that drops with higher power levels (light levels in the first installment).

Hopefully, the same thing will apply to raid gear rewarded once completed.

Exclusive gear variants

Currently, completion of the Leviathan raid in Prestige difficulty does not reward gear with higher power levels. If the trend follows, “Destiny 2” players might opt to take on these challenges in the normal difficulty setting. On the other hand, Bungie could entice Guardians to take on these special tasks in Prestige mode with gear that features a special glow. Getting a flawless run in Trials of the Nine awards gear which has certain parts that glow.