Over the weekend, Sony’s PlayStation Experience 2017 was held in Anaheim, California. New game trailers were showcased, and interviews with developers, development updates, playable demos, and more were featured at the gaming event. Alongside the show, a big tournament was being held at the same venue that gathered the top players around the world. The CAPCOM CUP 2017 was also in action and included “Marvel vs CAPCOM Infinite” for the first time. Playable builds of “Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition” were reportedly made available by the publisher to give fans a taste of the game’s next biggest update, which is scheduled to launch on January 16, 2018

New features in ‘Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition’

What started out as a rumor was eventually confirmed to be true when the developer boasted about new V-Triggers for each character.

Furthermore, updated movelists for each fighter were likewise made available during the event. The new update is expected to improve the single-player aspect of the title, which has received numerous complaints even from its most loyal fans. Casual players who have no intention of playing against another human were limited to Survival Mode, which quickly lost its appeal due to the lack of story and replay value.

An underdog rises to the top

The highlight of the weekend was the CAPCOM CUP 2017 tournament. A prize pool that was reportedly more than $370,000 was up for grabs. Players from all over the globe clashed as the tournament flaunted some of the best matches, which even saw top-seeded players like Panda Global’s PUNK get eliminated.

Other match highlights included the last chance qualifier, Alienware’s Nemo, power through tournament favorites to clinch third place. The biggest surprise came at the end when RISE’s MenaRD came back from the loser’s side and eliminated EVO 2017 champion FOX’s Tokido.

Yoshinori Ono dazzled the crowd

Just like he promised, game producer Yoshinori Ono delivered a surprise that got fans excited for Season 3.

In a previous tournament, several clues suggested that Sakura would make an appearance soon. The first trailer, shown after CAPCOM CUP 2017’s conclusion, definitely showcased the aforementioned fighter along with a new stage. Footage from the event captured the crowd’s reaction, which seemed positive, but Ono surprisingly came back on stage to reveal another surprise.

The second trailer appears to be the intro movie for “Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition” and confirmed the entire Season 3 DLC character lineup. The fighters revealed were Sakura, Blanka, Falke, Cody, G, and Sagat, which are expected to become available in that order. It looks like the developer finally listened to its fans and gave them what they wanted.