After a long hiatus and what seemed like the end of one of its beloved franchises, CAPCOM surprised fans with its announcement of a new installment for the Blue Bomber. The developer held a live stream to commemorate the series’ 30th anniversary and blindsided everyone with a “Mega Man 11” trailer. It has been 8 years since the last game from the series was released. Gamers can expect the newest entry to be available on several platforms like PlayStation 4, Xbox One X, PC, and the Nintendo Switch.

‘Mega Man 11’ trailer showcases changes

The trailer reveals that the game finally abandons its 2D animated graphics.

Instead, it will be presented using 3D character models with a 2.5D style popular among most platforming games nowadays. Along with the new graphics comes some new gameplay mechanics. The video clip features a new ability akin to a super attack wherein the protagonist fires a powerful shot that displays a cooldown meter afterward.

Familiar faces

CAPCOM apparently did not want to stray too far from the original material, which is obvious with the character design and inclusion of other familiar characters. In one of the segments of the “Mega Man 11” trailer, Rush makes an appearance and assists the protagonist with his built-in spring for a higher jump. Furthermore, Game Rant reports that the main antagonist will still be Dr.

Wiley and his creations.

Nintendo gets some love

Longtime fans of the series are presumably ecstatic to know that the newest game will be available for the Nintendo Switch.

The developer seems like it wants to go even further and release “Mega Man Legacy Collection” and “Mega Man Legacy Collection 2” for the hybrid console next year. Switch owners will be able to enjoy the entire series on their portable consoles, which seems like an awesome move by the game studio to hype up their new game.

Even more in store

For those who probably already own the collection, CAPCOM has something else to offer. Ahead of the official launch as seen in the “Mega Man 11" trailer, the company plans to release all eight “Mega Man X” games. It will reportedly be available for PS4, PC, Xbox One X, and the Nintendo Switch. As of now, it is speculated that it won’t be a collection. It appears that 2018 will be the Blue Bomber’s year as the new entry launches, along with its predecessors. Fans previously thought that the franchise was abandoned by the developer. Several characters from the series recently joined the roster of fighters in "Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite," which was probably a hint from the studio that a surprise was in store.