Guardians eagerly anticipated the release of the Prestige difficulty for the Leviathan raid in “Destiny 2,” which was supposed to have launched last week. Bungie reportedly held off the release of the new difficulty in order to fix some glitches and exploits within the PVE game mode. It was released alongside the weekly reset and gamers scrambled to coordinate with their teams to claim the title of World’s First to have complete the activity. Bungie officially confirmed that the title has been awarded to Clan Redeem and the members who participated.

However, it was discovered that the group used an ammo exploit during the final boss fight.

Exploit used during ‘Destiny 2’ Prestige raid

Despite legitimately completing all the other sections of the Leviathan raid in Prestige difficulty, Clan Redeem’s achievement of being the World’s First was suddenly called into question. Many fans wondered how the team was still able to use an exploit to beat the game mode. After all, Bungie intentionally delayed its launch to fix reported bugs like the one where players cause the game to stop spawning enemies throughout the boss fight. It appears they might have overlooked the ammunition exploit. The dev team noted that they would be observing completions to confirm if everything was done within the game rules.

Sadly, a video clip was recorded that confirmed one of the team members was going to run the glitch. Therefore, their clan’s completion might be subject to review and can be denied by Bungie. The exploit was performed using the Wardcliff Coil swap, wherein a single power ammo pickup can give Guardians more ammunition for their other power weapons.

This apparently works since the Exotic rocket launcher fires multiple shots per clip, which are counted by the game as one bullet each. Therefore, swapping out a single shot of the Coil will give other power weapons more than one.

A little bit different

Veteran Guardians have also pointed out that being the World’s First to complete the Prestige raid is not that exciting.

Given that most “Destiny 2” players are already familiar with the how the PVE game mode works, it can never compare to the experience of being the first team ever to complete a brand new raid. That honor was given to the clan The Legend Himself as the first ever team to complete the raid when it was launched. Exploits might help people breeze through the game faster, but it is always frowned upon by the player community.