Just like the previous raids featured in “Destiny 1,” hopeful fans of the sci-fi FPS expected the same features during the Leviathan raid in “Destiny 2.” The sequel’s end-game PVE activity was successfully launched albeit without any challenge modes intact. Hardcore fans of the shooter who love to challenge themselves prefer to take on these targets but were sadly disappointed by its absence. A harder version of the game mode is expected to launch this October called the Prestige mode, which appears to be great news. Moreover, the challenges will apparently make their return shortly after the new difficulty option becomes available.

Bungie update confirms ‘Destiny 2’ Leviathan raid Challenge mode

A “Destiny 2” database update reportedly confirmed the return of Challenge modes for the Leviathan raids. Based on the information contained, five new emblems were added to Bungie’s shooter sequel. Players are preemptively trying to discern what activities are tied to each of the newly added emblems. Currently, the “Glory to the Emperor” is speculated to be awarded after completion of the raid under the Prestige mode difficulty. The remaining ones can easily be paired with their corresponding sections of the raid, but the details on how to meet the requirements were unfortunately not available.

Sequences, emblems, and rewards

Players who have completed the Leviathan raid should be the first emblem challenge.

The four remaining emblems are apparently related to each of the sub-activities within the end-game PVE game mode. “Splish Splash” with an image of the sun is presumably for the Royal Pools challenge, “Two Enter, One Leaves” with the logo of two axes is for the Gauntlet, and “Good Dog” with the wardog is apparently for the Pleasure Gardens.

Meanwhile, the “Take the Throne” emblem is presumably for the Calus Challenge. Gamers also suspect that each of the challenges will award players with exclusive loot.

Living up to their promise

Bungie has somewhat fulfilled their commitment to introduce more content for “Destiny 2.Activities like the Leviathan raid and Trials of the Nine were added to the game just a week after its launch.

More content like the Faction Rally, Prestige mode, and Challenge modes should give players more activities to participate in during the end-game. So far, the changes made by the developers seem to resonate positively with their users. It looks like the future of the team-based FPS is in good hands as more DLC contents are not far off. The first expansion should become available this holiday while the second arrives sometime in the first half of 2018.