Blizzard Entertainment has been making changes to a number of characters on “Overwatch” lately. The popular support Mercy is one of the frequently updated heroes in the game. The latest update on Mercy went live yesterday. But is the latest update enough to bring balance in “Overwatch?” According to a report by Segment Next, the “Overwatch” Competitive community still thinks that Mercy is too strong for world cup matches. Mercy’s new abilities can also extend the match time, making it boring.

What makes Mercy strong?

Mercy’s new Resurrect ability has a 30 seconds cooldown and it is also part of a “ready” skill.

Blizzard Entertainment also added a new Resurrect charge. With these changes, Mercy can easily resurrect a teammate that is in a critical condition. Her Resurrect ability can also ruin the match balance by extending the life of another player. The latest update also added a flight boost on Mercy’s Guardian Angel ability by pressing the jump button. This feature will allow her to swiftly fly towards a teammate to support them. Mercy’s flight ability together with her unlimited bullets also brings a huge disadvantage to the enemies.

New updates on Mercy

Blizzard Entertainment claims that these new moves are meant to increase Mercy’s survival in combat. Before, “Overwatch” Competitive players cannot decide the outcome of the match if the support heroes like Mercy and Lucio died.

But now, to make sure to win the match, players must kill the enemy Mercy first. Most players are even sacrificing their own just to save their support Mercy because they know that they will be revived afterward. Avid Mercy fans and users do not mind if they become the primary target on competitive plays, to think that this was already the case when she could revive all dead teammates nearby her.

Updates on Lucio and Zenyatta

The latest “Overwatch” update tweaked the support heroes Lucio and Zenyatta. Blizzard Entertainment increased Lucio’s speed-boost by 65 percent. This update is in response to the glitch that slowed down the wall-ride ability of Lucio. Lucio can now use his speed-boost by performing a wall-ride. On the other hand, the developer added new voice lines for Zenyatta.

The new voice lines are related to her new Halloween costumes. According to a report by PCGamesN, the primary purpose of Mercy and Lucio tweaks is to give them more flexibility and increase their offensive ability during combat.