The latest updates for "Destiny 2" will feature four new challenge modes for players to engage in the Leviathan Raid missions. Game developer Bungie announced that they would have a server maintenance check for the sequel to fix several in-game issues and microtransactions.

New challenges for the Leviathan Raids

Bungie teased gaming fans of adding new challenge game modes for the Leviathan Raids in "Destiny 2." The challenges were first revealed in a leaked database for the sequel and players can proceed to the new game modes after they finished the raid.

The new challenge game modes are "Royal Pools," "Pleasure Gardens," "Gauntlet," and "Calus." Completing these challenges will unlock new emblems to increase the player's notoriety and status in the sequel. It is unknown if the emblems are the only rewards the players will get in the new game modes, but it is safe to assume that they will be rewarded with new top-tier loots and items when they completed the raids.

Past challenge modes have rotated per week and rewarded players with high-level gears for their current level gap and other items and loots. Players who have played the Leviathan Raid will be awarded the "Glory to the Emperor" emblem after finishing it on Prestige difficulty setting.

Game server maintenance this week

Bungie announced that "Destiny 2" will have a system maintenance on Monday from 6 PM to 12 PM PT as several players complained about weird in-game glitches and microtransactions.

Gamers complained about the "The Trial of the Nine" being disabled early in the game as the limited-time multiplayer event was scheduled to end on Tuesday at 2 AM PT.

There are also issues with Clans, such as public events not properly distributing Clan XP and engrams for its members after finishing a mission.

Players are also experiencing issues on the game's microtransaction store, Eververse as they are encountering delays and inquiry errors when they are buying Silver at the store. Bungie suggested that console users should close the game, clear the console cache, then relaunch and select a new character.

This should put the Silver into the player's inventory until they can come up with a permanent solution.

Bungie also announced a special event called "Faction Rallies" on Tuesday, and it will feature the return of the "Dead Orbit," "Future War Cult," and "New Monarchy" factions from the original game. Players who have aligned themselves with these factions will get special tokens that can be used to purchase new weapons and gears.