Last week “EWO” was released on the Google Play Store. It's a new Mobile Game created by Jauke and was developed for Android. You fall into a strange and hostile planet called “EWO.” Players have to overcome enemies and obstacles using their skills to find a way out. The game gears towards classic platform game lovers.

What to expect

The game features a unique art style with a combination of pixel and hand-drawn art. The user interface utilizes pixel art and shows the player a set of controls and buttons to click to make the character move. The player is able to move left, right, jump, and shoot.

The environments are filled with a variety of dark and bright saturated colors, each level displaying new elements on this alien-like planet. Players will encounter mutated plants and creatures that aren't so friendly. Luckily, the character is equipped with a laser gun!

The game currently has 10 levels but the developer stated he has more ready to be released and is planning to create more. These new levels will be added through updates. So be on the lookout and keep your app up to date.

As of when this article was made, the game has a 4.9 out of 5 total rating and a 4.9 out of 5 rating across the board for gameplay, controls, and graphics on the Google Play Store.

The game's beginning

Jauke has played many games as a child and has always enjoyed playing them.

Many of them were platform games such as, “Castlevania,” “Mega Man,” classic “Super Mario Bros,” and “Metroid” to list a few. He is also a fan of space, planet exploration, science-fiction and adventure books by Jules Verne. He decided to combine all of these experiences and influences. This resulted in “EWO,” a Space Platform video game in which he was able to capture everything in.

The game originally was developed more than three years ago as a pixel style prototype. Due to ability limitations, the project was abandoned. About a year and a half ago, with more knowledge in programming, the developer decided to start on the project again. Instead of doing just pixel art, he decided to add hand drawings.

“EWO” is the first game the developer has officially published.

What's next?

The developer plans to continue working on “EWO” improving it as much as possible and making a version for iOS. He has also started working on an RPG style game that tells the story of the war between the Mapuches and the Spanish, which is known as the Arauco War.