Fresh details about the new Raids in Destiny 2 were revealed. As the game nears it scheduled release window, more substantial information is becoming available online. Among them include the raids that players would like to know more about. Here are the details about the raids in the upcoming installment of the online multiplayer first shooter game.

New raids

In a recent interview with Mashable, “Destiny 2” game director Luke Smith, several details about the raids in the upcoming game installment were revealed. It appears that Bungie is taking the raids in the first shooter game to a higher level.

According to Smith, they are incorporating never before seen experiences in the raids. One of the game’s signature features, raids, the six-player co-op activities is composed of group puzzles and has been one of the most unpredictable activities in the title. Currently, Bungie is doing something that they have never done before.

The upcoming game’s maiden raid is still shrouded in so much mystery that even Smith would still want to keep. At present, even the name of the raid is still unknown. However, in the interview, the game director gave something that is very interesting. He said that the raids will give players a sense of place. He was quoted saying that the game’s new raid is a place any player believes could exist.

He shared that the people working on its development are a pool of skilled and talented individuals.

Death penalty

In another interview with Giant Bomb, Smith also revealed interesting details about the raids in the upcoming first shooter title. He mentioned that there will be a new death penalty in the game far different from its previous installment.

While he did not reveal anything more, many assumed that most likely no revives would be dropped for both Normal and Heroic difficulty. It appears that Bungie would like to rid the game of the times when players die and just have to be spectators as their teammates fight in the game.

The changes in the death penalty according to some speculations could be centered on Guided Games feature.

It is possible that solo players could be allowed to join the pre-formed teams for top tier experiences. It could also bring a new level of complication to the endgame content of the upcoming title.

The game director also shared that raids in the game should continuously challenge, collaborate, and communicate the gamers. He added that while many fans wanted them to change the difficulty, he believes that “Destiny 2” players are smart enough to take on the challenges and successfully complete them.