The Xbox One X hasn't even hit shelves yet, but more information has surfaced that Microsoft is already developing its bigger sibling. The Newest Xbox successor has been announced already

While the current generation of the Xbox has seen ups and downs, this new information may cause some to pause and think what could be next? From the beginning Microsoft was chomping at the bit, releasing news of the Xbox One before Sony had a chance to hit the stage. But it wasn't without cost as some features were widely criticized from the get-go. Microsoft was all in for kinect those days, believing that it was the right time to step into augmented reality.

How Microsoft ended up with project X

Instead of developing a wide array of games and ways to use their kinect system and letting the market decide, Microsoft opted to just require customers to purchase a kinect bundle with their new purchase driving the price of a basic system up. Backlash was harsh and after some head-shaking and wallet wringing decided to sell a bundle that didn't include a kinect system. Microsoft no longer even supports the kinect hardware for the Xbox One.

From there the Development could be similarly compared to the previous generation of Xbox. But then an announcement was made that a "new" xbox was already in development and it was to be much more powerful than anything the current generation could rival, thus Project Scorpio was made known to change the gaming scene.

But not before Microsoft decided to drop a few more iterations, finally making some needed changes the entire customer base such as improved voice controls, larger storage capacity and much-needed overhauls of the power supply.

These new models were named the One S (or Slim) but many were confused because the news from the front was that Project S was in development.

The hype had been built for a new platform but it seemed so far off because of the way the development continued for the Xbox One. Many early adopters were rightly disapointed because of the hoops they felt they needed to jump through to receive a polished console instead of so many corrected versions.

Looking forward to release and beyond

Finally the time has come for the debut of the latest and greatest, the Xbox One X. More powerful, beautiful and still at the hefty price tag of the original xbox one with a required Kinect. While the console does look very capable and will have most young adults wishing for one this holiday, you have to wonder how many people will pause and think twice about making that purchase. Another console is right around the corner, what will it have in store? Will it truly be the next generation? Will consumers get burned with another unfinished product while Microsoft hammers it out for the next iteration?