There are plenty of reasons why “Overwatch” continues to be a top game right now. From interesting characters to great gameplay, this title is just breaking records. Of course, though, not everyone is playing the game.

In one way or another, there are people who are not convinced with “Overwatch.” They perhaps lack the knowledge about the game’s true nature. Anyway, here are some interesting reasons why they need to give this game a try.

The characters

The characters in the game have unique abilities and/or skill sets. They all offer interesting abilities that make the experience worthwhile.

But what is really amazing here is the fact that none of them overpower the other. They always have counters no matter how powerful they make appear. This is exactly why we praise Blizzard for developing a game that is well-balanced.

For instance, Genji might look dashing for his high ceiling skill set. Regardless, though, he can still be easily eliminated by the likes of Winston and Tracer in “Overwatch.” The same can be applied to any other heroes in the game. They all have counters, something that most MOBA titles nowadays do not offer.

Interesting storylines

Apart from the unique gameplay experience, the game also thrives in interesting storylines. The lore, in particular, keeps the interest of the community at bay.

Players look forward to each animated short, as these help them understand the story behind the game. More importantly, these shorts feature the origins of each hero in the game. This gives players a whole new reason to love the title.

Take for example the newly released animated short titled “Rise and Shine.” It features the ice expert Mei and her amiable sidekick Snowball.

Before the video was released, players did not have any knowledge as to how she built her weapon. The animated short, however, explained this in detail. “Overwatch” fans finally learned the story behind Mei’s weapon and she became a significant character in the lore.

Amazing community

Sometimes, players are inspired in supporting a game like “Overwatchbecause of the community.

Fortunately for Blizzard, the game’s community is very well-engaged. Players share stories and/or experiences, though some may not really be related to the game. Others promote art work and skin designs from the fandom. The game’s community is packed with players willing to encourage and inspire other players.

Obviously, this is quite helpful for the success of the game. Think about the newbies who barely know about the game. The community will be there for them. Unlike other games’ communities, “Overwatch’s” is worth joining.