Overwatch” has a long list of heroes that players enjoy using all the time. Among the fan-favorite hero is the Indian Support Hero, Symmetra. Recently, however, it appears that the hero is suffering from a serious bug. Since her release, the Support hero is known to be peppered with several bugs and glitches. This ranges from map-specific to mode-specific bugs.

Latest bug

On Reddit, a user named Ikannashi shared the three instances where Symmetra appears to be having trouble when putting her sentries. When the hero’s sentries are placed close to the ground, neither Winston or Symmetra can destroy them.

To make it worse, the sentries cannot be destroyed by punches from any other “Overwatch” character.

The post is very helpful as some players commented that it could be the cause of their frustrations when playing the hero. It appears that there are other players who have encountered the same Symmetra bug. The Redditor also shared the post on the game’s official forum. You can check out the footage where these bugs are encountered by the Redditor.

Mei’s Glitch

A few days ago, another player named Dimplicity shared on Reddit that the Ice Wall ability of Mei has a glitch. According to the Redditor, the glitch allows the hero to enter into enemy spawn rooms when she is using her Ice Wall ability. Dimplicity also discovered that resident Climatologist can go out of bounds on any map in the game.

Some players said that glitch is highly exploitable and should be addressed immediately.

There were several cases of bugs that riddled Mei in the past. However, this recently discovered glitch seems to be the most worrying. For one, it gives the player’s opponent an automatic undue advantage. Aside from that, the glitch can also enable the entire team to enter into the opponents’ spawn points.

Blizzard has not yet released any comment about the most recent bug discovered by the player crippling Symmetra. The glitch in Mei’s Ice Wall Ability and Out of Bounds Glitch has not also received any feedback from the game developer. It appears that Blizzard has its hands full with the series of activities, heroes balance changes, and updates it is working for the game.

On top of that, the developer is also working on the intensified reporting and penalty system that will hopefully have teeth against toxic players. Game Director Jeff Kaplan previously shared that the game’s reporting and penalty system is on top of their list of priorities to address the issues with toxic and abusive players that have been frustrating many “Overwatch” players.